Preview: “The History of Nonviolence” from Occupy Comics #3


Occupy Comics #3, the final issue of the Kickstartered anthology, came out today, and to celebrate the release — as well as the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech—Black Mask Studio made a preview of “The History of Non-Violence” by Caleb Monroe and Theo Ellsworth available.


Fraction and Zdarsky unveil their Sex Criminals


Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are collaborating on a new Image ongoing about two people who can stop time when they have sex. We’ll have more of the nitty gritty from Fraction and Zdarsky in a bit. but here’s the SFW preview released by Image.


It’s Jack Kirby’s 96th Birthday



Today would have been the 96th birthday of Jack “King” Kirby. 26 years ago, on the occasion of Jack’s 70th birthday, I was in the basement of the Hotel San Diego with about 600 of my fellow professionals as we waited in a dark room for Jack to appear.


INTERVIEW: Colorist Brian Reber on his Exclusive Valiant Contract


Valiant Comics have been building up an exclusive roster of creators over the last few months. From writer Joshua Drysart to artists Doug Braithwaite and Trevor Hairsine, the company have a number of creatives on exclusive contract. But unlike any other company I can think of, they didn’t stop with announcing writers and artists – […]


EXCLUSIVE: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet


I got an email yesterday urging me to link to this piece from Unleash The Fanboy that reasons that Jarvis, Tony Stark’s robotic AI helper (voiced by Paul Bettany) will turn into Ultron in The Avengers: The Age of Ultron. The writer bases this on both canon—in the comics, Ultron lured Jarvis, who was an […]


Comings and Goings: Todd Allen joins Aerbook


If you’ve been wondering why Todd Allen hasn’t been posting too much at the Beat any more, it’s for a good reason. He’s been hired by Aerbook as Director of Product Management. Aerbook is a start-up that offers software for creating your own ebooks, including graphic novels. Actually, we’re not entirely sure what else they […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/28/2013: Watch the Throne


We’ve been under the weather of late, hence, the paucity of posting, but feeling better now, thanks. § Everyone has seen this Japanese dinosaur prank, right? The best part is how the guy really did fall down and try to scramble away just like people so in suspense movies. § Chris Haley and Adam WarRock […]