Stripped: Joe Sacco – Conflict Comes in a Lot of Guises

Joe Sacco and Chris Ware by Neil Slorance

Following Chris Ware in the Stripped programme at the Edinburgh International Book Festival came the very entertaining and engaging Joe Sacco, creator of numerous critically acclaimed journalist works, including Palestine, Safe Area Goražde, Journalism, and his upcoming The Great War.


Carla Speed McNeil draws Red Sonja for Devin Grayson


As caught on Facebook, Carla Speed McNeil is part of the Gail Simone’ driven LEGEND OF RED SONJA, anthology, which also features Nancy A. Collins. YEAH, I drew nine pages of RED SONJA! With Devin Grayson writing! Gail Simone made it happen, and it was fun! Grayson hasn’t been much seen in comics for a […]


Adorable new raccoon-based mammal called the Olinguito found living in a zoo!


Talk about right under your nose. The National Zoo in Washington has long had specimens of an adorable creature which they thought was an Olingo. But more detailed biological investigation has revealed it is a brand new species: The Olinguito


Molly Crabapple signs to HarperCollins for a memoir


Molly Crabapple is known for her comics, her drawing, her drawing salons—Dr. Sketchy’s—and her political activities, and now she’s signed with Harper Collins to write and draw her memoirs, which will be called Drawing Blood. Despite her relative youth, Crabapple has already lived much and it hsould be a jam packed book. In the linked […]


Latino Comics Expo highlights past and present Hispanic creators

LA2013 pstr

While  artists  from Spain and South America have become superstars at the big two,  this weekend’s  Latino Comics Expo in LA shines a spotlight on the many Latino creators making waves elsewhere.


Kick-Watcher: Exploration and Adventure in ‘Cartozia Tales’


Well, this seems perfect. The folks behind Cartozia Tales – an all-ages fantasy anthology based around the mythical land of Cartozia – have today launched a Kickstarter to help them turn the book into a series. Having previously launched and published a first issue on their own, followed by a second issue coming out sometime […]


2013 Ignatz Award Nominees led by DeForge, Carré and Alden


The indie-focused Ignatz Award nominees have just been announced. Chosen by a panel consisting of Lisa Hanawalt, Jason Shiga, Dustin Harbin, Damien Jay and Sakura Maku the list comprises an eclectic and incredible array of comics from the year past. Winners will be announced at a ceremony hosted by New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly on […]


Matt Fraction Leaves the Fantastic Four Books – And The Allreds Take Over


Writer Matt Fraction has announced that he will be leaving both Fantastic Four and FF in order to focus on him upcoming Inhumans series. Although he will still be credited as a plotter – as his storylines will still be used – he will be succeeded on Fantastic Four by Karl Kesel, making his return […]


EXCLUSIVE preview: Baltic comics anthology s!14 Sports


  Boy, does time come around fast- it seemed like just a few days ago I was writing up the preview for s!13 Life is Live. A comics fan must never complain about time speeding by though, as it means the release of good material is ever more imminent. And so it is with the upcoming […]