Fangasm: the new reality TV show that says “Don’t ever play Magic: The Gathering if you ever want to get laid.”


This is either the end of fandom culture—or the beginning of a glorious new era. The Age of Aquarius, Skyrim edition. A six-week reality TV show from the makers of Jersey Shore that’s about nerds or geeks or whatever they are calling them now. This is the cast: The world of the girl nerds being […]

That Cancer Vixen movie now has Julie Delpy attached to script


CANCER VIXEN is a very important graphic novel. When it came out in 2006, it earned what must have been the biggest advance ever for a graphic novel, $250,000. The book, by cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto, was a witty and heartfelt account of the author’s diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, and it did okay […]

Con Wars in Minneapolis as Wizard World schedules show two weeks before Spring Con


A few years ago, comics water cooler gossip (and message boards) were enlivened by Con Wars, a series of conventions—mostly run by Wizard World—that were scheduled very close to conventions in the same cities. The most notorious example was a Wizard World which was planned a week prior to—and on the same street as —New […]

Superman/Batman movie news spurs record setting digital comics sales


And speaking of sales, Variety reports that news of the upcoming Batman/Superman movie has spiked sales of Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’, as the movie will reportedly be based on elements of the old, grizzled Batman Miller depicted. According to the story, digital sales of the graphic novel surged 161% in July over […]

Digital Comics Best-Sellers: Injustice: Gods Among Us continues to steamroll the competition


As it’s the time of the month when he sales charts come out, usually someone stands up and says “WHY ARE THERE NO DIGITAL CHARTS?!??!?” and it’s true, we don’t know the numbers, but it’s easy to make a snapshot chart from the top in-app purchases and other automatically generated lists. Brigid Alverson has been doing just that n a weekly basis for Good E-Reader