One for the road: Crankbunny’s Steve Zissou paper doll


As we all go off to the holiday weekend, we could all use a little Steve Zissou. The Crank Art gallery in San Francisco is planning its fourth annual Wes Anderson tribute art show, “Bad Dads.” The show doesn’t open until Halloween, but to get you warmed up they passed along Crankbunny’s limited edition “Steve […]


Last chance for MIX 2013 discount rate


MIX 2013 is yet another outstanding comics symposium, this one in Columbus, OH. It will be held Sept. 27–28, at the Columbus College of Art & Design campus. The keynote speaker is Jeff Smith; other guests include Tony Isabella, Tom Spurgeon, Carol Tyler, and Jonathan Gayles, PhD. You can see the complete schedule below, but […]


NYCC 13: New York Comic Con adds RFID for badges—but you might win a Chevy


If you’ve noticed that this year it’s been even tougher than usual to get a badge to New York Comic Con, you were’t just imagining it. In recent years, NYCC has become synonymous with “teeming masses.” leading to discomfort at best and outright danger at worst. This year ReedPOP, which throws the show, is doing […]


Don McGregor and Trevor Von Eeden Bring SABRE to Kickstarter


One of the pioneering comic series has gone to Kickstarter, as Don McGregor has set up crowdfunding for a new Sabre story. The first-ever graphic novel sold to the direct market, Sabre has been running on-and-off for over thirty years now, and this new story will see McGregor team up with artist Trevor Von Eeden.


Brooklyn Book Festival spotlights graphic novels with Tomine, Feiffer, Modan, more


Fall’s Brooklyn Book Festival, to be held September 22nd this year, has evolved into the biggest public book event in NYC—authors range from Edwidge Danticat to Chuck Klosterman—and each year it features a pretty extensive graphic novel presence as well. This year is no exception, with a full slate of panels which you can see in the link. Cartonist guests thi syear include Adrian Tomine, Jules Feiffer, Rutu Modan, Francoise Mouly, Audrey Niffenegger, Paul Pope, Jeff Smith, Art Spiegelman, and Gene Yang.


Sparkplug announces Reich #10 and convention schedule


A few newsy notes from Sparkplug Books just entered our inbox. First off, issue #10 of Elijah Brubaker’s Reich is on its way—it’s a stylized biography of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.


First Second announces second Delilah Dirk book


Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, a stylish romp by Tony Cliff was just released this week. The graphic novel, published by First Second, follows Delilah Dirk a 19th century swordmaster with a larcenous streak on her delicious adventures—it was first a webcomic then a printed book. A little Flashman, a little Adele Blanc Sec, a little Indiana Jones.


Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison having tea together


We’ve seen some pretty funny mash-ups photos floating around the web of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore together, photos which are a little ironic since the two titans of comics are not actually besties IRL. However, the above photo of Morrison and Neil Gaiman is 100% real.


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 8/30/2013: Fall Con Schedule


The other day, my mother posted this watercolor she dashed off on Facebook, along with this line from Thomas Keneally: “Summer now seemed to have lasted mere days, all its chances quickly squandered.” Truer words were never spoken. Have we really reached the end of sandal season, of clambakes, of rioja and tapas at the […]


Stripped: Grant Morrison – Dope, Chips, and Skewed Moralities


Grant Morrison returned to the Edinburgh Book Festival, this time as one of the star attractions of the Stripped programme, and still with those record breaking signing queues!


DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: July 2013 – The Ring Bling


Breaking: Comics retailers will buy any old rubbish.

The direct market is a peculiar distribution channel, and it has its hang-ups. One of the more peculiar aspects of this arrangement is how at every level — publishing, retail and consumer — its users fail singularly and incessantly to exercise or even realize their ability to help shape the market in such a way as to better serve their interests, while simultaneously bemoaning the situation that results.


James Spader is Ultron in Avengers 2


So with apologies to Paul Bettany, Marvel have announced that Ultron will be played by James Spader in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.


That time that comics didn’t die


For some reason, this post I wrote in February 2012 popped up on my feed; it was called Comics Crisis: Doujinshi Nation and at the time, people seemed to think that Gary Friedrich’s loss in his Ghost Rider suit—and Marvel’s subsequently telling him he owed them $17,000 for selling unauthorized Ghost Rider merch was viewed […]


IDW nabs three for marketing: Morehead, Henning, and Schweitzer


IDW has had some comings and going in the marketing department over the last year or so, but they look to have filled the open position, and raised it two, by hiring THREE seemingly bright eyed and bushy tailed new folks. Rosalind Morehead , formerly of Mad Catz, will be Marketing & PR Manager. Diamond’s Kate Henning has been hired as Manager of Sales Operations.


Highlights from Canada’s Biggest Show Fan Expo


Canada’s largest comic-con Fan Expo broke some records this year, with well over 100,000 attendees and 900 retailers, artists and exhibitors descending upon Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre. Roughly about the same size of New York Comic Con this year it occupied both buildings for the first time. The significance of the Canadian market was not […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, August 29, 2013: Gitty-up Daddy


§ Top news today! The city of Scottsdale, AZ, hopes to erect a statue in tribute to cartoonist Bil Keane who was a citizen of the town. While you’d think a statue dedicated to the artist Family Circus might include a diorama of footsteps strewn across a park, this one will feature a 9×7 bronze statue of Keane with the four Family Circus kids riding him like a pony. Hopefully this statue does not have a “torture variant.” The above photos are artist’s renditions.