Comics and Raccoons Part 2: All you need is fish


Continuing with the raccoons, a 24-hour comic in only 9 pages about a raccoon and a kitty cat by DV user Anima Project:All you need is fish – yes we know it’s cute overload but…Raccoons in comics are it! We keep telling you!


Comics and Raccoons Part 1: Drax and the baby raccoon


Is comics and raccoons the hot trend for the second half of 2013? Rocket Raccoon may just be the herald of the newest craze. And speaking of which, Guardians of the Galaxy writer James Gunn is an incredible animal lover and if you like cute exotic animals you must follow his Instagram. Here’s a photo […]


Marvel Month-to-Month sales: June 2013


by Paul O’Brien The focus this time round is on the conclusion of AGE OF ULTRON; Marvel had nothing else competing with it for your attention. There’s a new creative team on SAVAGE WOLVERINE, and a new Daredevil miniseries (DARK NIGHTS), but honestly, that’s about it. Or it would have been, but for the first […]


Sean Howe talks to Chris Claremont about The Wolverine movie


NY Mag’s Vulture blog recruited Marvel: The Untold Story author Sean Howe to chat with Chris Claremont about the Wolverine movie; So, what did you think of the movie? The first two acts were kick-ass, and they set this up to be a really exceptional, different movie. It was like the film took this giant […]


Image Wrestling and Whispering: Lynda Barry’s Kaleidoscopic Modus in Girlhood Through the Looking Glass


  The swing of this year’s SDCC has finally begun to wind down, and while there was inarguably no lack in the immense influx of comics/movie/merchandise-related news, there was amazingly still a capacity for SDCC to focus on and feature the burgeoning comic academic scene. Along with this year’s Comics Art Conference, the Eisner Awards […]


Webcomic alert: Gabrielle Bell’s July


Few cartoonists mingle the real and the surreal to reach a great truth the way Gabrielle Bell does. As she does every July, she’s done a daily comic, this time dealing with a rip out of the city, the Fourth of July, a dog with a giant nutsack and more. She was selling the original […]


Nice art: Scott C. does Bob Dylan

In September the great Scott C. (Great Showdowns) has a kids book he illustrated coming out written by Bob Dylan. Yeah that Bob Dylan. It’s adorable. The title of the book is “If Dogs Run Free.” Buy it on Amazon: If Dogs Run Free .


Comic-Con’s comics winners and losers


I know Comic-Con is long gone and people have moved on to the TV Critics Association tour and actual vacations and what not, but as I like to put it, San Diego is the end of the “fiscal year” for the comics industry. It’s time to move on to new projects (I updated this site’s […]