Should Digital Comics Still Be Locked Down?

by Bruce Lidl   If nobody cares about DRM on digital comics, why does everybody keep bringing it up? San Diego 2013 was unquestionably a triumph for digital comics heavyweight comiXology, with a stream of announcements of new initiatives and new partnerships. Chip Mosher may have been one of the busiest men at the Con […]

The epic journey: Nine Foot Tall Hulk statue makes its way to Illinois library


We’ve been reporting for some while on the saga of the Northlake Public Library in Illinois and its quest to attain a 9-foot-tall statue of the Hulk. At first it was just a crowdsourced pipedream of one man, librarian Tom Mukite. But then it turned out a guy in California happened to have a statue […]

SDCC ’13: The very best panels at Comic-Con in audio

The Comics Blogging Panel

How do I know they were the best? Because I was on at least four of them! All kidding aside, once again Jamie Coville has done the most important job at Comic-Con and recorded some of the most interesting, pertinent and comics-focused panels at this year’s show. Of the panels I was on I most […]

Cartoon Network Shows to watch out for: Steve Universe, Uncle Grandpa, and Clarence


Here’s one little last bit of SDCC ’13 coverage to put on your must see in the future list – Cartoon Network gave Saturday convention-goers a sneak peek at three upcoming animated series – Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence…

Wednesday’s Review Slate: Young Avengers, The Flash, and Quantum & Woody


It’s been a while since I had a chance to properly crack into some reviews, so you’re getting a bit of an all-star lineup of books up on the slate this week. First up will be the very talked-about Young Avengers, the not-talked-about-enough Flash, and the talkative Quantum & Woody. I’d be interested to see […]

Thought Bubble Expands to Third Hall, Due to Immense Exhibitor Demand


So we move on from SDCC, and towards even brighter things. Thought Bubble has quickly established itself as one of the best conventions in the World, and so much so that this year all exhibitor tables sold out within two hours of going on sale. Obviously that’s good and bad news at the same time, […]