SDCC’13: Wolverine Origins II by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert

Marvel have announced that in November Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert will be taking on the daunting job of creating a follow-up to Wolverine: Origins. Picking up straight after the original book ended, Origins II will see Wolverine facing up to who he is, and where he has to go next. [Read more…]

DC goes returnable on Vertigo, Mad, and kids comics

At the Diamond Retailers lunch, DC announced a major move to boost their non-superhero lines by making issues from Vertigo, Mad, and the kids line fully returnable. A similar move helped the New 52 catch hold as retailers were able to take a risk-free move on issues 2 and 3 of the relaunches.

This time, DC is making issues 1-3 of their new Vertigo titles fully returnable, as well as books from the kids line—including Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Teen Titans GO! and the new Beware the Batman book. In addition, MAD Magazine will be made fully returnable. Bob Wayne noted that often sales of MAD were dependent on the cover parody—”Superman sells better than Mike and Molly,” he said.

This is a pretty interesting move—full returnability is a powerful sales tool, and DC is applying it to their “alternative” and “myopic” lines even as many are suggesting that interest in the New 52 has stagnated.


SDCC’13: ‘Revolutionary War’ Brings Back Marvel UK

Here’s an announcement you would never have seen coming – Marvel have announced Revolutionary War, a new miniseries by writers Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill which’ll feature MI13, Deaths Head II, Digitek, Dark Angel and many more of the Marvel UK characters.

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SDCC’13: PIXIE!!! Oh, and Young Avengers: Afterparty

Announced at the Cup O’ Joe Panel is Young Avengers: Afterparty, a two-issue jam comic which’ll see Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie welcome in a number of other creators for some stories and dancing. Also, some of these stories will feature PIXIE!

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Gail Simone writing Tomb Raider Series for Dark Horse

Heidi’s at the Diamond Retailer’s Lunch right now, where companies announce their upcoming campaigns, stories, and plans. Dark Horse have just spoken, and she reports that Gail Simone will be the writer for a new Tomb Raider series, coming soon from the company.

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SDCC ’13: Marvel teases Marvelman at lunch and more from IDW, DC and Titan

David Gabriel announced a bunch of stuff, including Origins II, Deadpool vs Carnage, and saying “We have not forgotten” Miracleman.

Also, more original graphic novels are coming—orders on the first one, by Warren Ellis and Mike McKone, have been greater than on Hawkeye.

Titan ran through a list of its upcoming books with trailers. including First Kingdom and Numbercruncher.

Dirk Wood from IDW was up next with Powerpuff, who urged retailers to give themselves a hand for helping make the excitement at Comic-Con.

IDW had been making more books returnable to help get attention in a crowded market he said. IDW is announcing a new project with Joh Hill at their 4 pm panel.

A new Star Trek Khan book which will be returnable, as will Powerpuff Girls. Retailers cheered for the new Samurai Jack book by Jim Zub and Andy Suriano, with variant covers by creator Genndy Tartakovsky.

TMNT sales have ben going up even though it’s in the 20s, an unusual occurrence.

Viz’s Akane Matsuo is up next, talking about the thousands and thousands of books that have been released over the year. and giving a lot of demographic info on the Viz audience.

After a long technical snafu, Dark Horse is up tlkaing about Art Baltazar and Franco’s Hellboy variant cover, a full color EC archives reprints—”a dream of Mike Richardson’s”—and the print version of the Eisner nominated Bandette.

Dark Horse is doing Game of Thrones figures, with Jon Snow and Daenerys kicking things off.

They will have a new Terminator series by J. Michael Straczynski and a follow-up to the baffling film Prometheus.

The audience cheered the mention of the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics—Gene Yang continues on this.

Gail Simone is writing Tomb Raider (more cheers.) More stuff coming from Gail.

Star Wars: has been doing great. Star Wars #1 will be $1 before the collection comes out, as they did with Mind MGMT and The Massive. Program has been a hit with retailers, and more “1 for 1s” are coming.

Star Wars continues with a new comic adapting the original Star Wars script by George Lucas.

Jeremy Atkins pointed out that the “1 for 1s” idea came up at a previous Diamond lunch, with A Comic Shop suggesting it.

Finally, ending a long afternoon DC’s Bob Wayne appeared. with a working slideshow. Time Trinity war will be returnable because Justice League Dark was softer.

Necessary Evil, a documentary about the villains in the DCU, comes out in the fall.

A Vertigo Defy preview book is coming. Issues 1-3 will be 100% returnable with 100% co-op a huge push for the Vertigo line.

Beware the Batman

Scooby Doo Meets Batman & Robin, and Looney Tunes, will all be returnable in October to get more of a chance to broaden.

Mad will be Returnable. We realized the sale of MAD could hinge on the cover parody; a Superman parody might sell better than a Mike and Molly parody.

DC Essentials debuts in November with four titles, 64 pages for $1. They include Batman by Scott Snyder, Wonder Woman, Sandman, and V for Vendetta.

Also posters are coming in August classic and modern posters, to enthusiasm.

SDCC’13: Titan Announce New Books from Larry Stroman, Victor Gischler and Pat Mills

I said to keep an eye out on Titan, and it appears the company have announced a whole range of new titles to add to their current roster. Amongst them will be Pat Mills’ Accident Man, as well as new titles from creators including Victor Gischler, Lavie Tidhar, Larry Stroman and Carl Potts.

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SDCC’13: The Ultimates Face A Final Cataclysm

Marvel’s Ultimates Panel is currently underway, and has kicked off with news of the ‘Hunger’ storyline and where it’s leading the Ultimate Universe – to ‘Cataclysm’.

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SDCC’13: South Park and the Stick of Truth

By Nicholas Eskey

This year at Comic Con International 2013, we were given a treat to have the South Park show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker make an appearance for a question and answer panel. Located in the 6CDE rooms, the two men sat down at the long table on the stage (oddly quite set apart from each other) and answered questions in their own funny, sarcastic way.

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INTERVIEW: Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin on Bandette


By Bruce Lidl

There’s lots of excitement for the Monkeybrain crew at Comic-Con, with a slew of new titles announced to celebrate the digital first company’s successful first year. But nothing would cap this amazing year like an Eisner Award, and Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin’s Bandette will be carrying the Monkeybrain banner high tonight, with 4 nominations, including Best New Series, Best Digital Comic, Best Penciler/Inker and Best Coloring.

At a quiet hotel lounge, away from the madness of the show floor, I got a chance to chat with the husband and wife team of Paul and Colleen, as seems fitting to discuss a title that is beautifully out of step with the roar of macho super heroes and pneumatically proportioned warrior-princesses that dominate the San Diego Con.

The couple were duly excited about both the commercial and critical success of Bandette, a whimsical tale by of teen-aged cat burglars in France written by Paul and  illustrated by Colleen in spectacular ink-wash. They were especially gratified to receive Eisner recognition of Bandette as a story and for its artwork, as it is the only digital first comic nominated in the Penciling and Color nominees. Colleen devoted an “enormous” amount of work to getting the look and color right, and has received so many inquiries from other artists about her process that she is going to be including a section about the topic in the hardcover version of the book, slated to come out from Dark Horse in November.

“The reception of Bandette has been incredible, and it started immediately. We literally had to push up the release date of the book, as when it was announced last July there was so much interest, and because it was in digital format, comiXology was able to hit the button to make it available a day earlier than we planned!” according to Paul.

The digital aspect of the book, and working with Monkeybrain, is something that Paul and Colleen could not say enough good things about. “I am risk averse,” says Colleen, so being able to put out an independent book without having to worry about the upfront investment of printing costs, and then having “essentially infinite inventory” was a game changer for the couple. And they were not shy about emphasizing the role price has played in Bandette’s success. “99 cents is a GOOD price,” says Paul, “as for most people, it doesn’t feel like money, it’s a very easy click and purchase, especially to try for the first time.” And Colleen (“the one who has the spreadsheets” according to them) is a firm believer in the advantage of lower prices. “At lower prices, we sell more, and end up with more money in the end, than if we had tried it at 1.99 or 2.99.”

Bandette is easily Monkeybrain’s best seller, and Paul and Colleen love their working relationship with the company’s owners Allison Baker and Chris Roberson, whose passion for creativity and creators’ rights are clearly in line with team Bandette. Paul and Colleen retain all Bandette rights, and chose to work with Dark Horse for the hardcover version, unlike many other Monkeybrain creators who went with IDW or Image. “Dark Horse aggressively pursued us for the print version, like Apollo after Daphne,” laughed Paul. Yet a number of factors went into the decision, including his long-standing relationship with Dark Horse, their proximity in the Oregon comics community and how impressed they were with Dark Horse’s previous print publication of Jeff Parker and Erika Moen’s Bucko.

Coover and Tobin are intrigued by some of the innovations they are seeing in the digital world, everything from “Mark Waid” style comics like Batman ‘66 (which Colleen referred to as “flip, flip, flip” books) to motion comics, something that Paul in particular feels has great if untapped potential. But Bandette is not really the place for those kinds of stylistic experiments, according to Colleen, as the book really does try to evoke what she calls the great “Eurocentric” comics they loved as kids, from Tintin to Diablolik (even if the amount of smoking and “canoodling” by certain Bandette characters do make for tricky age guidelines).

The future appears bright for the Coover/Tobin team and for their daring teenage heroine Bandette. The financial success of the title will allow them to continue with it aggressively and while Paul has many, many projects going at a number of publishers, Colleen relishes the opportunity to focus her work primarily on Bandette for the time being. And until their dream collaborator of Brad Bird comes calling to do a Bandette Pixar movie (for the record: that is not happening!), expect to see many more adventures of Bandette and her Urchins appearing on your iPads and Androids in the coming months.

SDCC’13: Heidi’s Friday Podcast with Tony Isabella, Comixology and more


Live from San Diego Comic-Con, it’s More To Come! Heidi’s podcast from Publishers Weekly Comics World brings you special coverage from San Diego Comic Con. Interviews fresh from the convention floor, with new episodes daily during the con!

In today’s episode, Heidi interviews veteran Marvel and DC comics creator Tony Isabella and Andy Grossberg of the webcomics aggregator Comics Rocket while Calvin interviews David Steinberger, CEO and co-founder of digital comics giant Comixology; Chris Staros, the publisher of Top Shelf; Carr D’Angelo and Susan Avallone of Los Angeles’s Earth 2 comics stores about their in-store “Non Con” event for customers and staffers who can’t attend Comic-Con.

Stay tuned tomorrow, there will be More To Come!


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SDCC ’13: The Vertigo panel


Yesterday’s Vertigo panel began with John Cunningham introducing a large panel featuring Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond, editors Will Dennis and Mark Doyle, artist Mark Buckingham and writers Sean E. WilliamsMark AndrekyoScott SnyderSimon Oliver, and Jeff Lemire. Everyone came to this panel with something to prove, and the new ambitious titles backed up the confidence.

Warning: spoilers for Fables below. [Read more…]

SDCC’13: WWE and Mattel Bring The Action and The Insults to Comic-Con

By Bob Calhoun

The only thing missing from the WWE and Mattel panel at Comic-Con on Thursday was the pyro, because it had everything else: entrance music, trash-talking and even a surprise run-in. And the atmosphere there in Room 25 of the San Diego Convention Center was as raucous as a Monday Night RAW broadcast in Philadelphia with fans cheering, booing and chanting along as Mattel’s new line of WWE action figures was unveiled.

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SDCC ’13: The Gender in Comic Books Panel


Christina Blanch brought together a very diverse group for the ‘Genders in Comics’ panel today at the convention. Who better to moderate this panel than the lecturer of the ‘Gender Through Comics’ free online class through Canvas Network? I asked her before the panel if we can expect another class and she said definitely. [Read more…]

SDCC ’13 On the scene: Who showed up to protest the Ender’s Game experience?

By Bob Calhoun

I’m making my way through the streets of San Diego’s Gaslamp District to the mammoth “Ender’s Game” tent that Lionsgate has erected across the street from Comic-Con. As I get closer to the tent, I hear the thunder generated by THX Dolby sound systems, but when I get closer still, I hear a different kind of ruckus. It’s the sound of a man shouting through a bullhorn.

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IDW Announce Artist Editions for Sam Kieth, Mike Mignola, Walt Simonson and more

One of IDW’s biggest successes has been their Artist Edition collection, which publish black and white art from some of the very best artists of all time – we’re talking Will Eisner, David Mazzucchelli and John Romita, here – in wonderful detail. This year at SDCC the company have announced that more artists will be experiencing the artist edition treatment!

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