SDCC ’13: Oblivion’s end of the world as seen at Comic-Con


  ….And finally, mirroring the mental state many of us in the last throes of con planning are feeling, courtesy of Oblivion—that famous is it or isn’t it comic book movie—to celebrate to release of the DVD and Blu-Ray of the TOm Cruise sf flick on 8/6, here’s a special image of a ruined San […]


Jimmy Palmiotti Brings Painkiller Jane to Marvel


Now here’s an interesting, exciting turn up for the books. Marvel have announced that Jimmy Palmiotti will be bringing his creator-owned character Painkiller Jane to their Icon imprint in November, for a four-issue miniseries with artists Juan Santacruz, Sam Lofti and Paul Mounts. Santacruz will draw the feature story, whilst Lofti will handle a back-up detailing […]


Peter Milligan Takes “Terminal Hero” To Dynamite


Add another name to the list of quirky DC and Marvel writers popping up over at Dynamite.  Peter Milligan has announced a new series, “Terminal Hero,” and it will be coming out from Barrucci & company.


SDCC ’13: Comic-Con — the first photos! SPOILERS

Marvel’s CB Cebulski and Twitter user @darksitch are the people on the scene right now, revealing what’s on the Bayfront Hilton, Electro peeping through the Omni and more. Soon we’ll all be having our faces rubbed in this. The Beat will on on site tomorrow, with all the blurry, bad photography you’ve come to know […]


INTERVIEW: Matt D. Wilson’s Second Guide for World Domination


With the launch of The Supervillain Field Manual this month, Matt D. Wilson has now provided the world with two sets of notes for supervillains looking to take over the world, conquer any hero who gets in the way, and earn the respect of a petrified general public. The book, written through the voice of […]


Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck Gets An Origin Mini-Series


Dynamite recently launched a new series based on the original (1978 version of) Battlestar Galactica.  Today they’re announcing a spin-off series telling the origin of Starbuck.


FIRST LOOK: The Human Fly debuts at Comic-Con


The Human Fly is back. Who is the Human Fly, you ask? Well, he was the star of a 70s Marvel Comic, which was based on a real stuntman; the Marvel version ran for 19 issues and included tasty vintage Bronze Age art by Frank Robbins. This new comics anthology revives him and ties in […]


The ten best fictional Comic-Cons


Nerdist has an amusing list of Our Favorite “Comic-Cons” in Pop Culture. Of course we all know Chasing Amy and the Simpsons and Entourage—the latter being the one thing that really cemented Comic-Con in douchebag Hollywood’s heart for all times. But knowing roman à clefs go all the way back to the Wonder Woman TV […]


“Legends of Red Sonja” Lines Up Pierce, Pratchett, DeConnick, Collins and many more for new mini-series


Look, we’re not saying Dynamite was happy with the immediate response to Gail Simone’s  Red Sonja relaunch, we’re just saying they’ve announced a mini-series with a lot well-known names attached.  Many of them, well-known names from the world of fantasy novels.  And Frank Thorne is back, too.


2013 Harvey Award Nominations announced — HAWKEYE and SAGA get seven each


 Because there is not enough to do today, the nominations for the 2013 Harvey Awards have just been announced. Voting is taking place online—nominees are selected via online balloting as well. The winners will be announced at the Baltimore Comic-Con on September 7th. There is always some agita about this or that voting block […]


James Robinson’s New Series “Grand Passion” Lands At Dynamite


Everybody’s been wondering what James Robinson was going to do next after he suddenly announced his departure from DC and the Earth 2 title for which he’d been discussing a big Event in 2014.  Come to find out, he’s not going to Image, as so many name creators have been doing lately.  He’s signed with Dynamite.


SDCC ’13: Top Shelf debuts are on the MARCH


Continuing out look at actual COMICS that are debuting at Comic-Con, Top Shelf has a bunch, led by MARCH, the first volume in a graphic autobiography of civl rights legend Rep. John Lewis. With all the things going on in our society, it’s a good time to connect with someone who was there. Comic-Con International […]


SDCC ’13: Cartoon art Museum Sketch-a-thon


Lots of TOP artists will be sketching for San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum at booth #1930. There is a suggested $10 donation and that’s CHEEP. The Cartoon Art Museum is pleased to announce its programming for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International, to be held at the San Diego Convention Center from July 18-21, 2013. […]


Steve Niles Heads To Dynamite For “Ash and the Army of Darkness”


Army of Darkness was Dynamite’s first comic, back in 2005.  It takes a break every once in a while, but always comes back.  This time it’s coming back with a slight larger name attached. Steve Niles, best known for the 30 Days of Night franchise and Cal MacDonald (across a couple different formats) will be the […]


Buddy Saunders turns over three stores to new owners


Lone Star Comics, a five-store comic shop chain located in northern Texas, is known as one of the most venerable and successful comics shops in the US, with over 30 years in business. But after 50 years in comics retail, founder Buddy Saunders and wife Judy are selling three of their stores to spend more […]


Lego at SDCC – Green Arrow, Spider-Woman…


A quick, important update before San Diego begins later this week. Superman analogue Brian Truitt over at USA Today has published the announcement regarding Lego’s plans for the convention. There’ll be four exclusive figurines available at the con, including Spider-Woman and Green Arrow. They’ll stand alongside panels publicising various upcoming projects, including the video game […]