Webcomic Alert: Stop trashing the millennials by Matt Bors


Pocitical cartoonist Matt Bors is sooooo good, and his strip on the generation gap between boomers and millennials is the best thing I have read about it, and it helped me accept the fact that I am growing older and the universe is headed for heat death but not before people fuck things up way […]

SDCC ’13: To Do – Adventure Time ConQuest!


If you’re going to wander around exhausted and bewildered at The Con, you might as well have a reason. That’s where this year’s Adventure Time ConQuest comes in, an actual quest for treasure among the licensees! If I didn’t have to cover the damn thing, this is all I would do at the show. The […]

SDCC ’13: All the limited signing schedules

Want to get a RObert Kirkman autograph? Or buy stuff at Graphitti? You’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to do so at this year’s Comic-Con. How early? Well the DRAWINGS for some tickets will be held at 6:30 a.m. (Graphitti you will get a ticket to get in line later on.) […]

Announcing the Winners of our Man of Steel contest!

Hey true believers, sorry for keeping you all in suspense, but we finally have the two winners of our amazing Man of Steel giveaway sponsored by Nokia. Winners get a Nokia Lumia 920, a wireless charging pillow, a special Man of Steel phone cover and either a Zod Mask or a Zod statue. The winners […]

SDCC ’13: ComiXology sponsors “The Pen and Drink” at Tr!ckster


Finally an offsite hang-out for the rest of us! Wrapping up its Comic-Con “Meet Your Maker” activities, Comixology announced it will be sponsoring “The Pen and Drink” at Tr!ckster, the comic book creators lounge. ComiXology’s Meet Your Makers summer extravaganza continues with the announcement of comiXology’s sponsorship of the “The Pen and Drink”– where artists […]

Awesome, dude! Moody and Goellner’s free TMNT comic

TMNTcoloredsketch01 (2)

I’ve been looking forward to this TMNT fan comic by Buster Moody  and Caleb Goellner since Moody posted the above cover art for it back in April. Now available for you to download for free in both PDF and DMZ format, it’s a really fun 6-page short story with amazingly stunning visuals; the colouring is gorgeous and […]

Meanwhile, back at the New York Comic Con Ranch


Only three months to New York Comic Con! Planning is well underway. Three- and four-day passes are sold out but individual days are available. — Panel proposals are due at the end of the month. — On Facebook I saw several artists complaining that the cost of a table in Artist Alley had gone up—to […]

SDCC’ 13: How interactive will it be? Also: Food Trucks


Well, you all know what’s going on this week. And here’s what I’ve gleaned: * It’s all going to be an interactive experience! * TV has taken over. This has been happening for a while. Looking at the Hall H schedule, there are more TV shows than ever with Game of Thrones, Dexter, Walking Dead, […]