Who Would Win? Star Trek vs. The Empire

Enterprise vs Star Destroyer

Last week, I came across this image on Google Plus, and a lengthy (200+, multiple days) discussion ensued.   Who would win?  The USS Enterprise, or an Imperial Star Destroyer? Well, in the sake of universal peace among two very disparate yet similar geek tribes (or possibly a flame war for the ages), I will endeavor […]

SDCC ’13: All the Sunday Panels

SUNDAY. So exhausting. It kicks off with the swan song for Breaking Bad and ends with…Harry Potter! I am devastated that my panel libraries is is right after and in a different part of the hall as the  Disney Afternoon retrospective! Also, two very cool “in conversation with” panels; Faih Erin Hicks and Jeff Smith, […]

British Comics Awards panel makes every other comics awards judging panel look like total weak sauce


The British Comics Awards were held for the first time last year, and this year a steering committee has put together perhaps the first comic book awards judging panel with groupies: Gareth David (lyricist and singer in the band Los Campesinos!), Lenny Henry (actor, writer and comedian), Stephen L Holland (co-owner and manager of Page […]