ComiXology announces summer Meet Your Makers program with Comic-Con sponsorships


ComiXology is getting more into the mix. Already the #1 digital distributor for comics, with more than 100 million comics downloaded, the company is getting more involved with tangible things of late, including a summer program they’re calling “Meet Your Makers”, which is meant, we’re told, to spotlight the creators behind your favorite comics. The […]

SDCC ’13: Dave McKean is covering the Souvenir Book


Toucan, the San Diego Comic-Con’s official blog, unveiled Dave McKean’s Sandman cover for the souvenir books, aka that nice looking thing you get in your Big Bang Theory giant swag bag. Sandman, the Neil Gaiman version which McKean drew the covers for, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, one of several topic the Souvenir […]

SDCC ’13 shocker! Actual comics publisher SLG will set up


Bucking trends, fans and How I Met Your Mother, one plucky comics publisher is going ahead with plans to actually set up at Comic-Con next month. San Jose based SLG and their brave leader Tywin LannisterDan Vado has just announced that their booth will feature CARTOONISTS, COMICS and even JHONEN VASQUEZ: Confirmed artists appearing at […]

Revealed! The Fate of Catwoman!


Remember last month when Catwoman was shot at close range in the head in issue #4 of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, and lay in a pool of her own blood and everyone cried and got upset because comic book character die all the time and it is so, so final? Well there is a preview […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 6/26/2013: Webcomic gains support on Kickstarter; here’s the CAKE you were waiting for


§ Fred Gallagher’s Megatokyo was a very popular webcomic and a very popular print title, so no surprise that the Megatokyo Visual Novel Game has already made a tad less than $150,000 on Kickstarter. MEGATOKYO was one of DC’s best selling graphic novels when it came out as part of the CMX line, you may […]

Joe Pruett hospitalized for possible stroke — UPDATE

joe pr

Valerie Pruett Smith shared on Facebook that Joe Pruett has suffered a possible stroke.

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: May 2013 – ¡Viva el Vertigo!


by Marc-Oliver Frisch In May 2013, Vertigo is back in business in a major way: The first issue of The Wake, a 10-issue miniseries by writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean G. Murphy, sold an estimated 45,000 units, the highest number for a Vertigo comic book since the year 2000. The imprint’s average comic-book sales […]

Must Read webcomic alert: Masterplasty by James Harvey


James Harvey is an English artist, whose “MASTERPLASTY” is a prequel to the forthcoming ZYGOTE, which will be published next year by Blank Slate. Harvey’s done some work previously for VICE Magazine and Madefire. He’s also the guy behind Bartkira, the Simpsons/Akira mash-up—so clearly at the center of where it’s at. MASTERPLASTY is about an […]

Neil Gaiman movie watch: new Sequart documentary and horrific Sandman movies of the past


The good news is that Neil Gaiman will be the subject of the new Sequart documentary, in the spirit of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts documentaries. As with the other two, Patrick Meaney will direct and Jordan Rennert will produce along with executive producers Mike Phillips and Julian Darius. Here’s the teaser trailer. […]

Play Kyle Baker’s Mass Murderer of Steel game


Inspired by the backlash against MAN OF STEEL’s property destruction, Kyle Baker has ceated a flash game called MASS MURDERER OF STEEL that allows you to enjoy it endlessly. The game play is actually quite enjoyable as a tussling Zod/Superman smash into buildings and women scream. “Enjoy high-flying mass destruction as you ignore the hideous […]

Nice Art: Chicago by Clowes


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago currently has this Daniel Clowes illustration of his native Chicago on display, and Chicago magazine has his annotations from hotdogs to Dan Pussey. But it is still only the second most amazing things of the day…

Pacific Rim: The Graphic Novel fleshes out every kid’s fantasy


Monsters vs robots in bone crushing Guillermo del Toro-vision? I’m there! Get in the mood as we talk to screenwriter Travis Beacham about his prequel graphic novel.

Marvel Month to Month Sales May 2013: X-Men break the quiet


by Paul O’Brien Marvel generally like to make their big launches as they come out of major crossover events, and so with AGE OF ULTRON in progress and INFINITY not yet underway, May was a pretty quiet month – save for one big new title at the top of the chart. May also saw the […]

Boom! Studios acquires Archaia


Well, well. While the general state of comics is pretty healthy these days, there had been one company whose well-being we continually heard whispers about, and that was Archaia: an ill-timed move to a bookstore distributor two years ago left them with massive returns and a lot of cash flow problems. None of these ever […]

Monday’s Review Slate: Transformers, The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal, Demeter


This week’s review slate sees me trying out Transformers for the first time ever, in the form of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #1. I’ll also be flicking through the pages of Neil Slorance’s The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal, as well as reeling in a copy of Becky Cloonan’s Demeter.

The Best of New York City in Comic Books


As our own set spy photos this morning show, New York is one big playground for superheroes. It’s also the background for some of the greatest literary and indie comics ever, too. Bookish—an Amazon-alternative backed by a bunch of big publishing houses—has just posted a list of the best depictions of New York in comics, […]