Diamond announces their Common Core list


While many of you many be wondering “What’s a common core?” if you’re in the publishing business it’s been the buzzword of the year. Simply put, it concerns basic standards in learning for all schools in the US, and a curriculum based on materials that fit those standards and topics. A list that could very […]

Editorial: do comics need more competitions?


By Serhend Sirkecioglu For the past seven years, The Intellectual Property Creators Challenge has been held to bolster Malaysian creators of Interactive Comics, Games, and Animation through this annual competition with numerous cash prizes ranging from RM15,000-RM25,000 ($4000-$8000). Going through the past winners, I see predominantly manga-esque work. Nothing jaw dropping, but a decent crop […]

INTERVIEW: Box Brown Announces New DIstribution Deal for Retrofit Comics


Box Brown (“Belen!”, “Love is a Peculiar Kind of Thing”) is a fixture at indie comics shows, tirelessly producing his own bold and appealing short comics on a regular basis, but also, in 2011, launching an experiment in the return of the “floppy” or mini-comic via branding in the form of Retrofit Comics. Retrofit consists […]

The Nook Gives You the Digital Comics Experience on the Cheap


by Bruce Lidl   Currently, the barrier to entry for the world of digital comics is not particularly high, as anybody with either a smartphone or a connected computer can buy and view comics from a variety of online retailers. However, to really get the best experience of digital comics, many would recommend consuming them […]

SDCC ’13: The Map is here!


The floor map of this year’s Comic-Con has just been released. It’s all here, the toys, the zombies, the heartaches. You can read the complete exhibitors list here. While most folks are in the same spot — the comics core of the show with DC, Marvel, SLG, Bongo, Image, Dark Horse etc remains the same—there […]

Nice Art: Darwyn Cooke’s Ghost Variant for FATALE #15


Darwyn Cooke has created a “Ghost Variant” cover for FATALE #15. You can purchase it only at these shops. Although shrouded in a bit of mystery, Ghost Variants are commissioned and purchased by the groups of retailers listed in the above link, and available only at their stores. The covers tend to be pretty spectacular, […]

Help Wanted: Do you want to work for IDW? Marketing position is open


Following John Schork’s return to Portland to join Oni’s marketing team as Director, IDW is once again looking for someone to help out with IDW’s press and marketing activities. The main duty will be playing Isles to Dirk Wood’s Rizzoli (above). Here’s the craigslist version: IDW Publishing is looking for a dedicated individual in the […]