Frank Cho banned from Facebook AGAIN


We reported recently on how posting some of his cheesecake art got artist Frank Cho locked out of his Facebook account. Well it seems it has happened again: I’m suspended from Facebook for 3 days. Some asshole with a stick up his ass thought a DRAWING of a topless woman (Jungle Queen Riding Pterodactyl) was […]

To do tonight, BKNY: Strange Attractors and Change release party at Bergen Street Comics — PLUS FREE COMICS


Two models of the “Nü” graphic novel, STRANGE ATTRACTORS by Charles Soule and Greg Scott and CHANGE by Ales Kot and Morgan Jeske are having a release party at Bergen Street tonight. Both creators are on the fast track at the New 52, so catch ’em while they’re hot. More info here: Please join us […]

Review: Lazarus #1


A few years back, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark (along with Ed Brubaker) won a lot of critical acclaim for their work on DC’s Gotham Central.  Rucka and Lark have reunited for Lazarus at Image.  (Brubaker’s already been Fatale at Image for over a year, so the primary creators for Gotham Central seem to have relocated.)

Nice Art: Henry & Glenn celebrate today’s Supreme Court DOMA decision


Ed Luce has illustrated the Ghost Wedding of popular couple Henry and Glenn—which would be one step closer to reality today thanks to the Supreme Court if only a) ghost weddings existed and B) the real Henry and Glenn were a couple. Neither is true but today in many states people of every gender are […]

What Can the THOR: PRELUDE Comic Tell Us about the DARK WORLD Film?

Thor The Dark World Prelude Preview Comic Book cover

Firstly, there’s such a thing as a comic called THOR: THE DARK WORLD, “Prelude”, a two-part “limited series” introduced this month which is apparently designed as a movie tie-in meant to bridge the gap for readers between the first THOR film and the new DARK WORLD film set for release in the US on November […]

ComiXology announces summer Meet Your Makers program with Comic-Con sponsorships


ComiXology is getting more into the mix. Already the #1 digital distributor for comics, with more than 100 million comics downloaded, the company is getting more involved with tangible things of late, including a summer program they’re calling “Meet Your Makers”, which is meant, we’re told, to spotlight the creators behind your favorite comics. The […]

SDCC ’13: Dave McKean is covering the Souvenir Book


Toucan, the San Diego Comic-Con’s official blog, unveiled Dave McKean’s Sandman cover for the souvenir books, aka that nice looking thing you get in your Big Bang Theory giant swag bag. Sandman, the Neil Gaiman version which McKean drew the covers for, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, one of several topic the Souvenir […]

SDCC ’13 shocker! Actual comics publisher SLG will set up


Bucking trends, fans and How I Met Your Mother, one plucky comics publisher is going ahead with plans to actually set up at Comic-Con next month. San Jose based SLG and their brave leader Tywin LannisterDan Vado has just announced that their booth will feature CARTOONISTS, COMICS and even JHONEN VASQUEZ: Confirmed artists appearing at […]

Revealed! The Fate of Catwoman!


Remember last month when Catwoman was shot at close range in the head in issue #4 of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, and lay in a pool of her own blood and everyone cried and got upset because comic book character die all the time and it is so, so final? Well there is a preview […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 6/26/2013: Webcomic gains support on Kickstarter; here’s the CAKE you were waiting for


§ Fred Gallagher’s Megatokyo was a very popular webcomic and a very popular print title, so no surprise that the Megatokyo Visual Novel Game has already made a tad less than $150,000 on Kickstarter. MEGATOKYO was one of DC’s best selling graphic novels when it came out as part of the CMX line, you may […]

Joe Pruett hospitalized for possible stroke — UPDATE

joe pr

Valerie Pruett Smith shared on Facebook that Joe Pruett has suffered a possible stroke.

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: May 2013 – ¡Viva el Vertigo!


by Marc-Oliver Frisch In May 2013, Vertigo is back in business in a major way: The first issue of The Wake, a 10-issue miniseries by writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean G. Murphy, sold an estimated 45,000 units, the highest number for a Vertigo comic book since the year 2000. The imprint’s average comic-book sales […]