SDCC 13: Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ is back at PetCo Park


It seems that Comic-Con is getting its Slamdance, but it’s a nerdlebrity Slamdance. Zachary Levi, best known as the star of Chuck but a smart entrepreneur in his own right, has been putting on Nerd HQ for several years—it’s an alternate track of entertainment programming with separate tickets for each event and autographing session, making […]

Licensing world round-up: Princesses are king but Avengers are for boys


As we mentioned in the previous post, the Licensing Show’s wrapping up today and there are always some lists and announcements and other observations that are very germane to where our world is going. It all starts with the product which leads to advertising which leads to media and here’s what we want. Some stats […]

Midtown Comics Announces Wednesday comics delivery via Zipments


The Wednesday crowd may just be a stay-at-home crowd for some Manhattan readers. Midtown Comics has partneredwith Zipments, an on demand NYC delivery network which will zip your copy of Katana to you as soon as it comes out. They’re offering an introductory fee of $4.99 for the service, but the regular price will be […]