Disney announces two mystery Marvel films for ’16 and ’17


While some of us reading this will be chewing gruel in a rest home by then, Disney has just announced two as-yet-unnamed Marvel films for the future: UNTITLED MARVEL FILMS We’ve also announced dates for two UNTITLED MARVEL films (5/6/16 and 5/5/17), in line with Marvel’s successful tradition of opening films in early May, including […]

Alan Moore talks Superman in Occupy Comics: “The seamy and disreputable practices of comics past”

  The second issue of Occupy Comics is coming, they’ve sent out an lengthy excerpt of a lengthier essay by Moore on Superman, comics Original Sin and more.   Excerpts from BUSTER BROWN AT THE BARRICADES by Alan Moore [excerpt from Part 3] Cover of “Spicy Mystery Stories.” December 1935. With the end of Prohibition during 1933, […]

DIGITAL REVIEW: Gabriel Hardman’s Kinski 1 & 2


I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I purchased this digital comic, but I’m a sucker for dogs and Monkey Brain comics haven’t let me down yet. Gabriel Hardman’s Kinski is simple, yet elegant, with a twist of mystery and so much potential. The story is centered around Joe who works for a traveling […]

Jeff Parker Writing Flash Gordon/The Phantom/Mandrake Team-Up


I’d been wondering what Jeff Parker was working on, besides his Batman ’66 digital series.  Parker’s someone you expect will fill up his plate fairly quickly.  Come to find out he’s also over at Dynamite doing a 5-part series called “King’s Watch” teaming the King Features Syndicate comic strip heroes Flash Gordon, The Phantom and […]

The Mocking Dead: Zombie Parody Scheduled For September


With Walking Dead being so popular for so long, it’s a wonder nobody has done a parody of it.  (Well, unless you count Marvel Zombies).  Dynamite’s fixing that in September with the debut of a 4-issue mini-series called The Mocking Dead.  It’s written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Max Dunbar.

Pre-order alert: Ludovic Debeurme’s Renee


I never really understand people who complain about not having enough good comics to read- I feel (despite trying pretty damn hard) I can never keep up with the amount of quality stuff released and so much passes me by.

Comic book movies aren’t dying either


At the movie theater the other night, one couldn’t sneeze without hitting a standee for a comic based film. Red 2 here, Smurf 2 there. Here’s a list of upcoming comics movies: Jun 14 Man of Steel Jul 19 Red 2 R.I.P.D. Jul 26 The Wolverine Jul 31 The Smurfs 2 Aug 2 2 Guns […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: What’s going on in the world


I’ve been tied up on another project so this is a free association gathering of bookmarks. § Gabrielle Bell has been ‘tooning a trip to Oslo. § It turns out Vertigo Comics is not dead! Not if executive editor Shelly Bond has anything to say about it! “That’s always been my (method of operation) ever […]