Two for Tuesday: Mare Odomo’s Internet, Sam Alden’s Backyard


I like pre-ordering comics- not for any particularly altruistic reasons, but if I know I’m going to end up buying a certain comic anyway (due to the artists or writer involved) pre-ordering simply helps everyone involved. I then, of course, promptly forget about it until a mystery package turns up on my doormat weeks later, […]

On the Scene: Man of Steel World Premiere and After Party


I’ve been calling Man of Steel “the most important superhero movie of all times” but if you had told me that I would be attending the world premiere and after party, I would have laughed at you. But thanks to Nokia, at the very last minutes (like 2 pm) I was sponsored to go to […]



Hot dwarves + hot elves + hot dragon flame = HOT HOT HOT. Mid-Atlantic Evangeline LIlly! The return of Orlando Bloom! Barrels! Based on this trailer and my knowledge of the book, absolutely NOTHING is going to happen in this film from the book except the company getting stuck in some barrels. The remainder of […]

Tiny Pencil: the forest is lovely; dark and deep


Tiny Pencil Edited by Amber Hsu and Katriona Chapman Tiny Pencil is a brand new, all-graphite, comic and art anthology edited, produced and bought to life by artists and creators, Amber Hsu and Katriona Chapman. It is also, quite simply, one of the most exquisite publications you will see this year. 

Captain Action Resurfaces, Bridging the Pulp Age and Cold War


Captain Action is beginning his third life in comics this September in the 6-issue Codename: Action mini-series from Dynamite.  Originally a 1960s action figure with licensed costumes to dress it up like Superman, Spider-Man or the Lone Ranger, Captain Action first came to comics in 1968 from DC and then was revived in 2008 at Moonstone […]

Note to artists: “Don’t give it away!”


While the benefits of giving all your art away for free on Tumblr and deviantART are well known, you still shouldn’t give it away for free to an entity that is otherwise profiting, says artist Mike Hawthorne in one of those occasional reminders that creative folks are the lowest on the food chain: Please bear […]

Marvel show off screenshots from Lego Marvel Super Heroes


After two games spent with Batman and chums, this year sees Lego turn their attention to Marvel’s roster of heroes. Coming later this year, Lego Marvel Super Heroes will feature all kinds of characters, and Marvel have released a whole load of screenshots showing off one of the many locations in the game – Asgard.