Archie Comics are going to the big screen


Archie Comics and Warner Bros are teaming for a a live-action Archie. The PR claims it’s the first feature film starring Archie which is true although there was a cartoon and at least one TV movie. Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) will direct; the script is by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (MGM’s Carrie, The Town that Dreaded Sundown), […]

REVIEW: Dan the Unharmable


There are comics that I can’t wait to read every month, and I become a moppy-pathetic mess when one of those books gets cancelled for whatever reason. May’s book was: Dan the Unharmable. I should have wrote this review a year ago, but here goes nothing. This is a complete semi-spoiler free review of the entire 12 […]

New site lets you swap digital comics codes for a fee


We all know that trading and selling the downloadable comic codes that come with Marvel comics is common among fans and—like giving friends your HBO Go code—not exactly frowned on by the publisher. So here comes, which launched May 31, 2013. The site offers a database where users can upload their download codes, and […]

On the Scene: Denver Comic Con 2013, Pioneering Souls in Artists Valley


The floorspace for Artists Valley at Denver Comic Con was expansive, and positioned between the vendor and publisher areas in the front and the celebrity signing booths and food court at the back. It was almost arranged like a centrepiece, and to judge from the ethos of the con, that was intentional. A wide range […]

First look at Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel reveals non-Elvish red hair


So EW has released the first view of the new female elf character from The Hobbit, Tauriel, played by Evangeline Lilly. This had to be done because there are no women anywhere at all in The Hobbit except for some kids who run away crying, and it’s 2013. The addition of a female elf warrior […]

And on the plus side: new Batman: Black And White Mini-Series


The Batman: Black & White anthologies over the years have spotlighted an incredible array of cartooning talent, and there will be a new six issue mini series this September with stories by Chip Kidd, Neal Adams, Joe Quinones, Maris Wicks, John Arcudi and Howard Mackie and art by Michael Cho, Adams, Quinones, Sean Murphy and […]

Coloring books, Paul Jenkins and the Big Two


If you look in the “category” drop down in our footer, you’ll see one called 10 Days That Shook The World. This refers to the week in 2009 when, within a a few days, Disney bought Marvel, and DC announced the departure of Paul Levitz as publisher. The formation of DC Entertainment would be announced […]

Katsuhiro Otomo, Nobrow, and Japanese fashion house Comme des Garcons collaborate


As a comics fan, it’s always nice to see the medium get wider recognition from other fields, although perhaps not as surprising in the past few years of pop culture dominance, thanks in large part to blockbusting comic film adaptations. But there’s Marvel and DC influencing ‘wham!’ sweatshirts from Topshop, and then there’s the  slightly […]

2013 Joe Shuster Award nominees announced


More Canadian cartooning awards? Yes indeed. The ninth annual Joe Shuster Awards, honoring Canadian comics in multiple categories, have just been announced and it goes from Yannick Paquette to Michael DeForge and back again. Nominees were selected this spring from lists of creators of original works published and distributed during the previous year in English […]

Retailers reveal their surprise sellers


Well, here’s a feature on Parallel Worlds, the new NY Post comics site, that we’ll be reading every week: Ask A Retailer surveys locals on what are their surprise seller. The surprises here may surprise you — Hawkeye is a surprise seller? Have you looked at the book? The best surprise was from our local: […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 6/6/2013: Real life superhero squad fighting gay bashing


§ We’ve always been a bit baffled by the real life superhero phenomenon, but this one is pretty cool, as a well-established NYC team is fighting recent gay-bashing incidents: As a spate of hate crimes targets New York’s gay community, a team of real life superheroes is patrolling the streets — and their names are […]

Review: Roger Langridge’s The Fez #1


Unveiled at 2D Festival last weekend, Roger Langridge’s ‘The Fez’ mini-comic has been made available online for a pound. Featuring an invisible hero with a fez and monocle, it’s a wonderfully silly twelve-page piece of work.