The NY Post is joining the nerd blog fray with Parallel Worlds


Official launch seems to be tomorrow, but in case you missed the bold-faced names, the NY Post seems to be launching its very own nerd/comics/gaming blog, called Parallel Worlds. The logo features the senseless yet thrilling image of Alexander Hamilton in a spacesuit. And if that’s how they roll, I’m on board. Thus far so […]

Autoptic Festival: official poster, more guests announced


We promised to keep you updated and so here we are with more details and updates from the new Minneapolis-based comics/art/music festival, Autoptic. Back in February,when the festival was initially announced, the only special guest known to be attending was Jamie Hernandez. Well, Autoptic have been steadily adding to that list, with Marc Bell, Genevieve Castree, […]

Zenith artist Steve Yeowell talks about contracts and Grant Morrison


When news of a limited edition version of the long-long comic ZENITH broke last week, speculation centered on Grant Morrison, who, according to accumulated comic book lore, believes he owns the character. With ownership in doubt, Rebellion has declined to reprint the book for many years, making it one of the great “lost” comics. Rebellion […]

Skin care now a thing for superheroes


Which superhero has the best grooming habits? You may never have considered this, but a couple of ad agencies for skincare have recently teamed up with superheroes to present the idea of male grooming as a manly, bench-pressing activity. And who’s to say it isn’t practical? After a long day in exercising in anything from […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 6/4/2013: Rabagliati and more


§ Craig Fischer looks at the work of Michel Rabagliati, a French-Canadian cartoonist who, for several years, has been turning out a series of beautiful graphic novels starring “Paul”, a thinly veiled version of himself. Rabagliati’s work is fairly straightforward, and Fischer has reevaluated its simplicity: Recently, after hearing that a new Paul book was […]

Titan offers the Suicide Girls a Death Sentence


Titan Comics have really impressed with their creative and strange promotional tactics. From issuing military files which explained the details of their series ‘Chronos Commandos’ (complete with redactions and compromised photos) to the fake movie trailer for Dan Boultwood’s ‘It Came’, they’ve been trying some really fun and different things. Their latest bit of trickery […]