Nick Barrucci and Don McGregor are cool now


In case you missed the comments playing out, Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci apologized to writer Don McGregor for his initially a bit testy response to McGregor’s initially testy accusation that he was being cheated out of royalties that haven’t been earned yet and wouldn’t be paid by Dynamite. The character in question: Lady Rawhide. It’s […]


Check it out: Sloane’s Tiny Tiny Stories

ryan (2)

Comics have always been a collaborative medium (though you can dispute the extent of contributors input and editing til the cows come home) but the internet has certainly opened up the concept, allowing it to be explored in new and different ways and making it much easier for artists to connect.  Sweeping general statements aside, […]


NBM announces return of Omaha the Cat Dancer, more P. Craig Russell collections


NBM has announced their releases for the rest of the year and into 2014 and if you like P. Craig Russell’s opera and fairy tale adaptation, you are in luck: they have several collections in the hopper. Also, the return of Omaha the Cat Dancer, a fondly remembered erotic comic from the 80s which has […]


All the Villain Month covers so far


So it only took three years to go back to the strategy of the “universe-wide crossover event” with Forever Evil. Is that enough time to build up an appetite for this kind of thing? Probably. Along with the groovy 3D covers, another throwback element. These do look effective in GIF format though — and given […]


DC Announce Forever Evil event and Villains Month for September


All through September, every DC issue on their main line is going to switch focus from heroes to villains. 52 one shots will take the place of the regular titles, each one telling a story with a different villain.


Comics Alliance comes back as part of Townsquare Media


Comics Alliance is officially back, purchased by Townsquare Media, another conglomerate of primarily music sites which is owned by a former AOL exec who helped develop Comics Alliance. Along with CA, Townsquare picked up a bunch of AOL’s music sites which were also cut, including The Boot, BoomBox, and NoiseCreep. CA is back as usual with […]


On the Scene: DIY at The Latino Comics Expo


by Bob Calhoun It’s a small room in the back of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, but every spot on its three wooden benches is taken, with an overflow crowd standing along the back wall. In the front row, a father sits with his nine-year-old son. The son is holding his very own […]


On the Scene: Denver Comic Con 2013, Jimenez, Perez, Fradon, Kelly Find Wonder Woman ‘Problematic’


Sunday morning a crowd of die-hard fans gathered to hear some Wonder Woman artists discuss their favorite character, her appeal, and why her translation into other media has been so “problematic” over time. Phil Jimenez, George Perez, Ramona Fradon, and Joe Kelly weighed in on the subject, with Kelly moderating. Each explained how they initially […]


Antarctic Press turns to Indiegogo after Wal*Mart deal leaves them in debt


The comics industry is doing “okay” these days, but it’s still a business of very small margins, and one misstep can put you in a rocky spot.

For instance, it seems that Antarctic Press, the long running manga-tinged indie publisher of such books as Gold Diggers, Warrior Nun, Ninja High School and many more, has run afoul of two things that can cause big problems: Wal*Mart and returns.


Kibbles & Bits, 6/3/2013: Denver Comic Con draws 48,000


§ While our own Hannah Means Sherman had full coverage of the Denver Comic Con, the Denver Post covers the biggest headline of all: a huge crowd of more than 48,000 people: About 6,000 fans waiting in line for hours to get into Denver Comic Con on Friday were turned away by order of the […]


Hay! Come Read what Quentin Blake has to Say!


Quentin Blake, one of the most beloved illustrators of all time, was one of the speakers at this year’s Hay Festival, speaking on the importance of visual and verbal storytelling. And, thanks to event sponsors The Telegraph, you can read the whole transcript of his festival lecture by following this link right here.


Beanotown Arrives in London – Softies Beware


As part of a collaboration between DC Thomson, the Southbank Centre, and designer Wayne Hemingway (the one from off of The Big Breakfast), Beanotown has officially been opened for a short-term stint on the South Bank of London. Celebrating 75 years of The Beano, the installation mixes hands-on activities with a look at the history […]