Nice Art: Charles Burns at Adam Baumgold this Thursday


It’s an event and an art gallery and a parade of cultural history this Thursday an exhibit of Charles Burns’s portraits for The Believer magazine opens at the Adam Baumgold Gallery. MAY 30 – JULY 26, 2013 RECEPTION:  THURS., MAY 30, 6-8PM The preview of the exhibit also includes a gallery of portraits from 2003-2013 […]


Film adaptation of Julie Maroh’s Blue is the Warmest Color wins Palme d’Or


The Cannes FIlm Festival wrapped up over the weekend, and the winner of the Palme ‘dOr—the grand prize for all the films at the fest— was Blue is the Warmest Color, an adaptation of Julie Maroh’s graphic novel Le Bleu est Une Couleur Chaude. It’s the first comic book movie to win the top prize, […]


On the scene: Phoenix Comicon 2013


Phoenix Comicon didn’t look anything like it did last year.


Crane and Kirkman share the Reuben Award; Ware, Chast, Wrightson win


The annual Reuben Awards were handed out on Saturday Night, and the top award, known as the Reuben for cartoonist of the year, ws shared by Brian Crane of “Pickles” (above) and Rick Kirkman, co-creator of “Baby Blues”. It was only the second tie in history (Johnny Hart and Pat Oliphaunt tied in 1968.) Many […]


Four things I wondered after watching Star Trek Into Darkness (spoilers)


I enjoyed this movie, but I didn’t love it. The plot was a jumble, the supporting characters were thin, the science was laughable, and the necessity to make most of the movie an exciting CGI fight scene left, as so much CGi does, the look of the world bathed in pristine sterility. Plus, everyone except […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 5/28/13: G. Willow Wilson at Marvel; San Diego dread


§ Apparently Author G. Willow Wilson has a Marvel project in the works. Wilson’s novel Alif the Unseen has been very well received, and her comics work—Air, Cairo and a Vixen mini series for DC—wasn’t too shabby either. She previously worked on the Mystic revival for Marvel. § The 2013 edition of Tom Spurgeon’s yearly […]


Man of Steel in Minecraft and other weekend trailers


Steelehouse Digital has recreated the Man of Steel trailer in Minecraft, and it looks great. While I was googling for more information about this trailer, I discovered two OHER Man of Steel Minecraft railers…which aren’t as good, but I guess hit is as good a hobby as any, right? An actual new Man of Steel […]


Denver Conference Tackles Violence in Comics


The Rocky Mountain Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, sponsored by Comic Book Classroom, the same organization that supports the Denver Comic Con, celebrates its first anniversary this year from May 28th-30th and takes on a subject close to the heart of the Denver community, the role and place of violence in comics. The Aurora […]


Poisoned Chalice Part 15: Who Owns Marvelman? Part I


[Previous chapters: 1 to 8 – 1953 – 1985 Roundup, 9 – The Dawn of Eclipse, 10 – Alan Moore at Eclipse, 11 – The Twilight of Eclipse, 12 – All About Angela, 13 – More Angela, More Courtrooms, and Much More Todd, 14 – Back to Marvelman, 14.1 – Updates and Clarifications on Marvelman] […]


24 Hours of Webcomics, the Master List


On Friday we celebrated webcomics here at The Beat with a day completely devoted to the subject: 24 Hours of Webcomics! For your viewing pleasure, here is a master list of all the webcomics featured.


Retail report: JHU Comic Books is having a sale in its new location


We hope you’re enjoying our cornucopia of webcomics from our big 24 Hours of Webcomics event. If you’re in New York City and want to pick up some print versions of these comics—or even some non webcomics—the store once known as “Hanley’s” is now called JHU Comic Books is having a sale.


Preview: THE BOY IN QUESTION by Michael DeForge


Fresh off the heels of a number of illustrious debuts at TCAF as well as nominations for both Eisner and Doug Wright awards, Michael DeForge undeniably inhabits all meaning of unstoppable. And thus, true to form, another release is lined up for this summer, titled THE BOY IN QUESTION, to be released by an additionally noteworthy […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: Thunderpaw In the Ashes of Fire Mountain


I’ve mentioned Jen Lee’s THUNDERPAW: IN THE ASHES OF FIRE MOUNTAIN before as a “Future comic” — the panels are animated gifs, a technique that is still being explored for its storytelling possibilities. Since I first wrote about it, a lot more has been posted and if anything it’s gotten more and more impressive. Bruno […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: Red Meat


There are only two newspapers in Tucson, which is surprising for a place with a population of a million people. Ever since I was old enough to read I picked up the alternative paper – the Tucson Weekly – and skipped all the way to the back just to read my favorite comic strip, Red Meat. […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: Oglaf


Oglaf – “Warning. This comic started out as an attempt to make pornography.” begins the opening page of the website. “It degenerated into sex comedy pretty much immediately.” Confirm that you are over 18 and we’re on our way!


24 Hours of Webcomics: Colonus


My great weakness is for stories set in space, which is where we are by the start of Colonus by Ken Pisani and Arturo Lauria. The concept is high concept… but also effortless. In a future where Earth is no more, the survivors have split into two groups. The prisoners, madmen, outcasts have been exiled to Venus, […]