24 Hours of Webcomics: JL8


JL8 is probably one of the main reasons I’ve been feeling meh about DC lately. Because this, THIS, is how our heroes should be done!


The Phoenix Presents: Rob Deas on Troy Trailblazer!


Every Friday, Stately Beat Mansion invites round a comic creator or two for a cup of tea, complementary Kit Kat, and a chat about their work in The Phoenix. The Phoenix is a UK series which features a range of the best all-ages comics available, from all kinds of wonderful creators – all compiled into a […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: Formalsweat Pants


I think comedy is the toughest impression to pull with comics. It’s not easy to create something humorous and memorable – something that makes you laugh out loud – using the visual narrative. Josh Mecouch, the creator of Formalsweat Pants,  makes it look easy.


24 Hours of Webcomics: Gunnerkrigg Court

Gunnerkrigg Court

Gunnerkrigg Court is a comic that I find myself trying not to visit for as long as possible, only so that I can then drink up a nice long chunk in one go before reluctantly slithering back into withdrawal. The plot is always veering off in spectacular new directions, with cliffhangers and revelations and I […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: The Secret Knots


Juan Santapau’s The Secret Knots is a launchpad for a variety of different comics – sometimes a long-form work, sometimes a single story in a page, and sometimes an extended work of fiction within a long, single frame. It’s an absolutely lovely piece of work, punctuated by superb, charming writing and utterly gorgeous artwork.


24 Hours of Webcomics: Farmer’s Dilemma by Sam Alden (plus more)


It’s only hour 4 of 24 hours of Webcomics and already I’m cheating a bit by spotlighting the work of a single cartoonist more than a single webcomic. But heck, it’s all about reading comic on the web. Sam Alden is a young Portland cartoonist who is rapidly developing with comics on his own website […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: Detective Space Cat


I’ve been following Colin Bell’s webcomics for a little while now – his previous work includes Jonbot Vs Martha – and his newest webcomic is a beaut. Written by Matthew Meylikhov and Bell, the strip is drawn by Nina Cadman and tells the story of a noir detective who is also a kittykat. He swears  space […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: The Abominable Charles Christopher

The Abominable Charles Christopher

The Abominable Charles Christopher is one of those rare comics that I recommend to absolutely everyone regardless of their age, genre preferences or comic reading habits. It’s also one of the hardest comics to describe in a way that fully conveys the beauty and genius inside, as it is essentially the tale of a Yeti […]


24 Hours of Webcomics: Brief Histories of Everyday Objects


We’ll kick off a day of Webcomics with something educational. Did you ever wonder if cinnamon comes from giant mythical birds or not? Then Brief Histories of Everyday Objects, by Andy Warner, will be for you.