Jonathan Hickman AND DI AMORIM Launch ‘God is Dead’


The creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Di Amorim have announced a new six-issue series being published through Avatar starting this September. Called ‘God Is Dead’, the miniseries will apparently tell the story of what happens when gods return to current-day Earth and decide to remake it to be more in their image. The humans […]

Kindle and WB team up for legal, profitable fanfic


Well my inbox this morning was stuffed with people telling me how big an announcement this is: Basically, Amazon has licensed Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries from WB’s Alloy division, and will allow people to write legal fan fiction based on these properties and sell the result on Kindles. The profits will […]

Future Comics: De Vriend book trailer


It’s been a while since we looked at one of those motiony-comicky-giffy-dealies that take comics and extend them in a browsable movable way. Here’s one from the Netherlands. It’s actually an animated book trailer for De Vriend (Friend) by Dutch thriller author Charles den Tex. It was animated and illustrated by Aimee de Jongh and it was coded by Submarine, using a technique called “Skrollr” which unfolds as you scroll through it. (Pro tip: you can also use the down button.)

2013 Glyph Comics Awards Winners announced

The Glyph Awards, honoring the best in African American comics, were handed out over the weekend at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Creators convention, and here are the winners: Story of the Year MONSTERS 101; Muhammad Rasheed, writer and artist Best Writer Brandon Easton, writer,SHADOWLAW Best Artist Chris Samnee, artist, ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #6 […]

Poisoned Chalice Part 14.1: Updates and Clarifications on Marvelman


[Previous chapters: 1 to 8 – 1953 – 1985 Roundup, 9 – The Dawn of Eclipse, 10 – Alan Moore at Eclipse, 11 – The Twilight of Eclipse, 12 – All About Angela, 13 – More Angela, More Courtrooms, and Much More Todd, 14 – Back to Marvelman] Before I get around to doing a […]

Boom! Poised to Make a Splash at Phoenix Comic Con


Boom! Studios is going to be a presence at the Phoenix Comic Con for the first time this week (May 23rd-26th), and they are setting out to make a strong impression with a range of variant covers and signings throughout the con. We’ve been watching the rise of the small and mid-sized con for the […]

Mo cons, mo problems: Motor City and Japan Expo USA


Unexpectedly long lines and preemptive attempts to avoid the same have caused some ruckus on the con circuit. This past weekend’s Motor City Comic Con in Detroit was the latest show in a growing number to have more people than they knew what to do with—even folks who had brought tickets meant to avoid standing […]

San Diego Comic-Con update: infographic and more badges


If you are like The Beat, you have always wanted to see a graphic of San Diego Comic-Con’s attendance growth and now thanks to this infographic presented by Film School Rejects and, you can! (click for big) There’s much more in the complete chart including masquerade info and how Comic-Con compares to a Super Bowl in economic impact.