TCAF 2013 wrap-up: 96% good


As usual I’m the very last out of the gate with my TCAF wrap-up (although I was early with my newsier report). But like many I feel compelled to write a memoir about it because it was so generally awesome. Last year’s TCAF — my first—was among the top five comics-related experiences of my life, and maybe partly because I hyped it so much, more people I knew made the first time trek this year. TCAF ’13 wasn’t quite as glorious as TCAF ’12, but it was still fairly glorious.

Nice Art: Brushwick Studios


And now, because both blogging and illustration are dead here’s a link to an awesome art site, Brushwick Studio which unites six fantastic illustrators who you can all see under the cut. As you might guess, the stdio is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, so maybe there is live in those boros after all.

Pre-School Bans “Super Hero play” at School


In an image being circulated on social media, with the name of the school and school officials vaguely redacted (you can almost make them out), a flyer distributed at a pre-school bans school-time play from mimicking TV shows and movies due to their violence. But the central image on the flyer depicts superheroes with a […]

Podcast Alert: More To Come 50: Brooklyn Loses a Con, TCAF etc

In this week’s More To Come 50: Brooklyn Loses a Conme—the Beat!—Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons discuss this year’s Toronto Comics Arts Festival, the demise of the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, the new Anime Sol anime crowdfunding site, the Comics Chameleon webcomic app, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Kevin Keller’s GLAAD Media Award, our 50th episode memories and much more. And if you listen to the whole thing you are eligible to enter a drawing for a SPECIAL PRIZE!

John Martz ends DRAWN, but we’re getting DESTINATION X


Ulp. I guess blogging is dead. Artist John Martz just announced he’s ending his art blog, Drawn which was one of the most influential art blogs of the last 10 years or so. Martz started it in 2005 linking to tons of creator websites, and art pieces over the years. But as he notes, 2013 is not 2005:

Kickstarter Watch: Osamu Tezuka’s THE CRATER


For fans of the ever prolific “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka, we can thank our lucky stars for publishers like Vertical/Viz/Dark Horse for providing stellar translations and compilations of such momentous works like BUDDHA, BLACK JACK, and the recent MESSAGE TO ADOLF.  It’s without a doubt a great time to be an English reader of […]

Here’s the first full trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins


This would be the prequel to the first two games in the Arkham series, then. Featuring a younger, less experienced Caped Crusader than before, the story will see a parade of villains descend upon Gotham in order to try and take out Batman, apparently as part of some scheme planned by Black Mask. The trailer […]