REVIEW: You Really Should Have Read TEN GRAND #1 by Now


And if you haven’t, I strongly recommend that you don’t read this full review, or maybe not even any of it, since not knowing anything about the comic before reading it makes for a pretty astonishing experience. TEN GRAND reads like a Choose Your Own Adventure story and you feel convinced somehow that you did […]

Marvel Month to Month Sales: April 2013


The AGE OF ULTRON crossover anchored Marvel’s line in April, with tie-in issues spreading across a range of titles. As often happens when event titles are underway, it’s a quiet month for new releases, with the notable exception of the THANOS RISING origin mini. And of course, as the months roll on, we’re getting an increasingly clear picture of how the assorted Marvel Now launches and relaunches are working out.

Retro Zeus Comics line is now on Kickstarter


  Note: This Zeus Comics is in no way associated with the well known Texas store Zeus Comics. Back on April 1, we told you about Zeus Comics—a purported line of salacious 50s comics that had recently been rediscovered. Given the date and people involved we correctly deduced it was an elaborate April Fools Joke, […]

Comic Chameleon webcomic aggregation app launches


After being in beta for a while, Comic Chameleon has finally launched for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The free app—developed by Alien Loves Predator’s Bernie Hou—is an aggregator for your favorite webcomics on the various mobile platforms. The app includes a panel-to-panel transition mode and the full archives of all the comics. Unlike some […]

DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson has a new boss


WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara —whom we’ve been watching closely since he took over in March—has made his first big shake-up: ousting TV head Bruce Rosenblum and giving the TV and home entertainment divisions a reorg. Buried in The Hollywood Reporter’s story is a teeny tidbit of some interest to DC Comics Kremlinologists: Warner Home Video […]