A Free Comic Book Day Sampler

Joe Michael StraczinskiSigning

by Pam Auditore               Free Comic Book Day is not only a great opportunity for families to bond, comic book collectors to get great deals, but a chance to meet the Industry’s celebrated Writers and Artists without paying a Con Fee.  If you’re lucky, you might get a sketch […]

REVIEW: Cops Vs Vigilante ‘Justice’ in The Movement #1


DC’s new series, launched by Gail Simone and Freddie Williams II, is a really interesting idea for a series. Essentially pitting a somewhat corrupt and immoral police force against a group of young superhero vigilantes, it makes for a fairly uncompromised story, which offers the most overtly political work Simone has done so far in […]

RIP Ray Harryhausen


Stop motion animation pioneer Ray Harryhausen has died at age 92. Before CGI there was Harryhausen, whose soaring imagination gave birth to creatures that inhabited the psyche of generations of SF and fantasy fans, and whose painstaking hand-done animation has never been surpassed for character and excitement.

Big Interview: L Nichols- ‘Autobiography is terrifying’

FLOCKS-540x849 (2)

I first came across L Nichols work via her comic for Retrofit: Flocks. To date, Flocks is one of the most powerful works I’ve read, and one which, to be perfectly honest, I’d most likely avoid on paper. It charts Nichols’ own experiences of growing up in a Christian household and community and realising she’s gay […]



The second chapter of THE PRIVATE EYE by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin is up at the Panel Syndicate website. It’s available on a pay-what-you-want model. If you’re keeping track, the first chapter came out in the middle of March. You can subscribe to the feed for new episodes here. And here’s the promo […]

C2E2, Stumptown, Calgary and beyond: comics culture takes over North America


C2E2, Stumptown and the Calgary Expo are all far behind in our rearview mirror, and I meant to write this up last week, but even as everyone is scrambling to get ready for TCAF, I felt like this year’s C2E2 in Chicago—the fourth one—finally defined it as a show that serves a local need and belongs on the comics calendar, and the confluence of a weekend when two other major shows in other categories were taking place demonstrated the strength of not only fandom but the creator contingent.

Great Beast Comics Expands with Dangeritis, Hitsville UK and more


Great Beast Comics, the company set up by creators Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby, has been quietly building up a catalogue over the last few months. Originally founded to create a professional foundation for their own comic releases – allowing them to establish press releases, create their own brand, and make comics more readily available […]