MIX: call for proposals


MIX is a comics confab held each year in Columbus, OH by the Columbus College of Art and Design. This year’s event will be held September 27-28th, and they are currently accepting proposals for panels and presentations. All the info you need is below, but there’s more here. The keynote guest is Jeff Smith, and […]


Today’s big read: “The oral history of graphic novels in libraries.”


Well that’s what my copy editor called my story for PW How Graphic Novels Became the Hottest Section in the Library. Over a couple of months I talked to many of the major players in the GN/library connection like Robin Brenner, Mike Pawuk, Karen Green, Christian Zabriskie, Tina Coleman and so on to get a picture of where graphic novels got started in libraries and where they are going.


Jailed Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee updates


As you may recall. last month Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee was arrested during a protest at Abdel Moneim Riyad Square in Cairo. El Shafee was freed after four days, but his arrest is a reminder of the difficulties with free speech and other basic civil liberties going on in Egypt right now.


Nice Art: Attract Mode’s Comics Be Video Games art show


TCAF is coming at us, and bringing with it a plethora of cultural events like Attract Mode’s Comics Vs Video Games art exhibit, and there’s a lot of tasty stuff right in that link above, including the Kyle Fewell piece above. All the art will be on sale and the show kicks off with a […]


INTERVIEW: The Code Monkey Team Expand with “The Princess Who Saved Herself’


The creative team behind the Code Monkey Save World Kickstarter – Greg Pak, Jonathan Coulton, Takeshi Miyazawa, Jessica Kholinne and Simon Bowland – have seen their project rocket wildly beyond the $30000 target they set for themselves. But rather than pocket the $200000 and change that they’ve raised so far, the team have been solidly […]


Iron Man 3 boffo at box office, but RDJ playing it cool with contract


Iron Man 3 weighed in with the second biggest movie opening of all times, but since it was right behind The Avengers, you could say it was all in the family still. The third movie staring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark opened with $175.3 million for the weekend (the Avengers did $207.4 mil) and has already raced to $680.1 million globally. That is a lot of cheddar.


Bizarro Free Comic Book Day crime spree


Free Comic Book Day on Saturday was an immensely successful event which saw hundreds of signings, thousands of comics given away and untold happy faces on people getting their free comic books. It was great. So, of course, we’re going to report on the two news-of-the-weird crimes that took place during the event. In Portland, […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 5/6/13: There is no money in comics


From Japanese bondage comics to why Jim Lee was crying, here’s what happened this weekend.