Friday cat blogging: One year ago


One year ago today I said goodbye to my best friend, Inky. It was one of the saddest days of my life and I still think about it. Since then, two wonderful new friends have entered my life. And I love them a little too much. Even if they have covered everything I own with […]

Do not mess with Greg Capullo.

“@thetenaciousric: @gregcapullo You fucking rock man!”… — Greg Capullo (@GregCapullo) April 14, 2013 That is all.

FAQ explains why Image Expo 2013 is on a TUESDAY


When the Image Expo 2013 was announced there were, understandably, questions about why it was on a Tuesday instead of a more accessible weekend date. Well, tickets are on sale (as of this morning) and aFAQ now answers this and many other questions: As explained, this is really a press and retailer event but open to the public for $20. And there will be panels and signings and stuff but no vendors.

Vader’s Little Princess is the #1 graphic novel this week


Awfully unsurprising: Jeffrey Brown’s Vader’s LIttle Princess, a cute follow-up to Vader and Son, which imagines every iconic image in the original trilogy from the viewpoint of the father of a teenaged (or younger) girl—that dad being Darth Vader. It gives even the well worn tropes a fresh, human feeling and to the shock of no one…it’s selling like hotcakes:

REVIEW: Joe Hill’s Terrifyingly Tragic Treasury Edition is Actually Terrifying


I guess I should have expected that, the terrifying part, given not only the title, but the author concerned. I somehow missed reading Joe Hill’s short story THE CAPE when it was winning all kinds of awards, so first encountered it here in comics form in IDW’s recent “Treasury Edition” of several short comics from […]

Hugh Jackman promotes Free Comic Book Day Again in new video


A new PSA with mutton-chopped yet still somehow dreamy Hugh Jackman urging us to check out free comics. Much better than last time in 2009, where an outdoor Hugh seemed to have been caught as he was about to go behind a bush to take a whiz. This one has lighting and sound and everything.

Free Comic Book Day: What’s Happening Near You?


On top of all those free comics you can get your filthy little unwashed mitts on tomorrow, comics creators will be swarming comic shops worldwide in order to sign, sketch, smile and hug their way through the entire comic book fandom on Earth. Also, you never know if Wolverine or The Punisher will show up. […]

Is Grant Morrison’s Zenith going to return?


At last weekend’s C2E2 the Rebellion/2000 AD crowd was out and represented by marketing man about town Michael Molcher. Snapping a pic of him and his fellow boothworkers you could not help but notice that they were wearing T-shirs baring the logo of Zenith, which is, after Marvelman, perhaps the greatest “lost” superhero of UK comics. Created by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell, with original character designs by Brendan McCarthy , it first appeared in in 2000 AD #535 in August 1987, and ran for four story arcs, or ‘phases,’ which finished up in 2000 AD #805 in October 1992. It ran in about 80 issues of the comic; the first three phases were collected in five volumes by Titan Books between 1988 and 1990. Phase Four has never been reprinted.

On the Scene: Pros Wrestle with Tony Stark’s Appeal in ‘Iron Man at 50′ Event


The fact that both the Iron Man character and the Avengers team has reached their 50th anniversary since creation hasn’t received a lot of attention in the press, and this could be because the immense success of the IRON MAN and AVENGERS films means that the powers that be don’t particularly want the public to […]

Marvel wins again in April; Batman top comic; Image strong


Recent sales patterns continued in the April comics sales figures just released by Diamond. While DC had the top selling books with Batman #19. Marvel continue to dominate both units and dollars—especially units, where they opened up a 14% lead over DC.

In a month without a lot of strong graphic novels, The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye led the charts yet again. while Injustice: Gods Among Us, and DC Collectibles’ new Injustice: Deathstroke Vs. Green Arrow Action Figure 2-Pack led the video game and toy categories.

Picture This: An Evening with Boulet & Gabrielle Bell


For the past month, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy has played host to a very special union of French and New York-based cartoonists and illustrators in their spring celebration, Picture This! The event has already brought to fruition conversations between Hervé Tullet and Mo Willems as well as Alex Alice and Rom Wimberly, and […]

Happy Birthday, Zainab Akhtar!

batmanbday (1)

Happy Birthday to The Beat’s one and only (we hope) Zainab Akhtar!    On this most special of days, I ask you all to go spam her with messages over at her blog and on her twitter.

Library hopes to build 9 foot statue of the Hulk and you can help


The Northlake library in Illinois has hatched a scheme to build a large scale— 9 foot tall—statue of The Hulk. To do so they have fashioned an Indiegogo campaign. So far they have raised only $920 of the $30,000 needed, so you better get your ass over and there and pledge because it’s pretty obvious that the world needs more giant statue of the Hulk outside libraries.

Babymouse creators have new comics anthology in the works: Funny Pages: Recess


Babymouse masterminds Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm have signed up to editFunny Pages: Recess!, a comics anthology of stories about recess aimed at younger readers. Random House will publish it in July, 2014. Jarrett J. Krosoczka will co-edit and the book is said to pay tribute to classic Sunday comics. Contributors lined up include […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits for the week: Superman’s selfie


I have a whole week of links for you in case, like me, you have been too brain dead to keep up with the goings on: § Some old news I had kicking around: AMC has renewed both Talking Dead and Comic Book Men. In addition, they’re developing All-Star Celebrity Bowling, a spin off from […]

The Ten Best Free Comic Book Day Comics You Need To Read This Saturday


This year, publishers have distributed fifty-two titles for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. While it is not uncommon for many comics shops to order all of the titles, it is becoming common that most comics shops anticipate large crowds of customers.  While this is a good thing, it means that the stores must limit the […]