Thrillbent Comics start All-Ages Line: Beginning with Aw Yeah! Comics


At C2E2 Mark Waid announced that Thrillbent Comics would be expanding to include an All-Ages line later this year – hurray – and that the first comic signed up will be Art Baltazar and Franco’s Aw Yeah! Comics. Aw Yeah! Comics will become available through Thrillbent as of today, with the comics up on ComiXology. […]


C2E2: Liveblogging DREDD and Beyond: The Whole Wide World of 2000 AD

C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the DREDD and Beyond: The Whole Wide World of 2000 AD, so get ready to hit reload. Our cast of characters include Andy Diggle , Michael Carroll , Paul Cornell and some noob named Heidi MacDonald. Q: What do Americans know about Dredd. Heidi: I was surprised it only went […]


Kick-Watcher: Top 3 projects of the week


I have to calm down with my Kickstarter support because I forget which projects I supported. A month passes by and all of a sudden I get hit with NSF fees. I need to mange my money better and stop making dreams come true.


C2E2 – Liveblogging “Making Comics the Avatar Way” (New Garth Ennis Projects)

C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the “Making Comics the Avatar Way” panel, which should be kicking off momentarily.  Get ready to start hitting reload. Jim Kuhoric looks to be doing this solo. They start from the point of what the other publishers won’t let the creators do. It’s not all extreme, but that’s […]


REVIEW: Is She Ready for Her Close-up? KATANA #1-3


Katana, if you haven’t heard, has received her own series, and given a chance to spread her wings and the main focus of a narrative, it’s interesting to see whether her character can handle that kind of scrutiny. That requires a certain depth of personality, motivation, and a world to move in that will at […]


C2E2 – Liveblogging the DC COMICS 101 Panel.

It’s C2E2.  Get ready to hit refresh. Our Cast: Bob Harras, Bobbi Chase John Cunningham and our man Fletcher. Man of Steel is coming out soon and they’re showing a trailer for it. Harras says his favorite Superman villain is Brainiac.  Harras has love for Jor-El, who was in the first comic he read. Chase’s […]


Not at C2E2? Just watch it on your computer


It seemed to start at this year’s ECCC, and before the year is out we’d expect it to be the new standard: streaming panels live from comic-cons for those who can’t go but want to follow along at home. This year at C2E2 in Chicago, Twitch will be streaming a bunch of panel (Including one that includes The Beat DREDD and beyond)


Joss Whedon says “brother-sister act” will be in Avengers 2 – but who?


Ooh, these premieres really make people loosen up about forthcoming projects, don’t they? Speaking at the premiere for Iron Man 3, Joss Whedon has perhaps in/advertently revealed that two new characters will be joining the cast of Avengers 2: I’ve got these two characters, two of my favourite characters from the comic book, a brother-sister […]


INTERVIEW: Dan Berry’s ‘Make It Then Tell Everybody’


A comics lecturer and creator, Dan Berry both writes and draws his own work — such as the forthcoming The Suitcase from Blank Slate Books. But on top of that, he’s also launched a podcast fairly recently, in which he sits down with a number of writers, artists, creators, in order to talk about creation, […]


C2E2 Party Poop 2013


Lots to drink do after hours at C2E2! Many details here.


To do this Friday, NYC: Fresh Meat at SVA


Looking for the future superstars of comics? Stop by SVA’s Fresh Meat show tomorrow night—it’s a mini-convention of the best SVA students have to offer. AND it has a great poster by Kat Fajardo. The website has more illos and samples from exhibitors. Friday, April 27, 6 – 10pm Free and open to the public […]


Calgary Expo also sells out


Spekaing of sellouts, this weekend’s Calgary Expo, which boasts a huge media and comics guest list of everyone from Stan Lee to Norman Reedus, has ALSO sold out before its doors even open: ****IMPORTANT: THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE SALES FOR THIS EVENT. ALL TICKETS, INCLUDING CHILDREN’S PASSES, ARE NOW SOLD OUT.  If you arrive […]


Meanwhile back at the ranch: New York Comic Con 4-day passes now sold out


@briansteez has informed me that #NYCC 4 day tickets are now sold out.Look for 3 days on sale soon…. — lfensterman (@lfensterman) April 25, 2013 Meanwhile, NYCC continues to count down to sell-out. Four day passes are sold out (just under six months in advance of the October 10 show dates), and three-day passes won’t […]


What does the future hold for C2E2?


Greetings from Chicago. While The Beat has been faithfully ensconced in the Diamond Retailer Summit all day, C2e2 has been setting up shop across the hall. And what does the future hold for the show? Now in its fourth year, the show has never quite lived up to its potential as the premier comics show […]


Image’s Eric Stephenson’s address to retailers: the same old thing is “is not the way forward.”


by Eric Stephenson [Image publisher Eric Stephenson spoke at the luncheon session of the 2013 Diamond Retail Summit, Image kindly provided the text of the speech.] Just a word of warning: This is going to seem like I’m all over the place at first, but trust me, it will all make sense in the end. […]


Hoax Hunters Optioned for Future Film Release


The Hollywood Reporter reports (well, that’s what they’re there for) today that Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley’s Image series Hoax Hunters has been optioned for screen by producer Jeff Krelitz.