Review: Nobrow 8 Hysteria: all shook up

nobrow cover

Nobrow 8: Hysteria Nobrow Press Editors: Sam Arthur, Alex Spiro Hysteria def: ‘unmanageable emotional excess’  ’emotional excitability and disturbances of the psychic, sensory, vasomotor, and visceral functions’   Here we go then: the lovely smelling eighth volume of Nobrow’s titular anthology, packed this time with comics and illustration spreads of a hysterical nature, hotly anticipated by myself […]

INTERVIEW: Marie Javins on Super-Geekdom and Compassion in IRON MAN: EXTREMIS


Reading Marie Javins new IRON MAN: EXTREMIS prose novel, released April 16th, on my iPad, gave me an eerie moment of realizing how much had changed in the technological surface of our lives since Warren Ellis and Adi Granov released their Iron Man comic arc EXTREMIS in 2005 and 2006. Facebook was around then, but […]

Introducing… Our New Superhero, Englishman!


Well then. Yesterday – St George’s Day in the UK – saw the announcement of a brand new superhero, soon to grace our digital comic shelves: Englishman. Apparently, not a spoof!

Dynamite to Publish their Comics through Dark Horse Digital


Dark Horse have announced today that Dynamite Comics have signed a deal to make their comics available through the Dark Horse Digital Comics store. Thirty Dynamite Comics have been made available as of today, and future releases will be made available through the store as well, day/date digital.

Nice Art: Olly Moss makes Thor: The Dark World posters


Artist Olly Moss—best known for his Alamo Draft House and other reimagined movie posters—was asked by the filmmakers to make the wrap gifts for the crew of hor: The Dark World, which comes out this fall. The result was

Must read: Phil Jimenez on Wonder Woman


Yikes! In case you missed it in the comments of Laura Sneddon’s controversial Wonder Woman post, former Wonder Woman artist and writer Phil Jimenez has jumped in with an in-depth analysis of what makes the character tick from his viewpoint.

People and things not setting up at C2E2: Adam West and DC Comics


If social media is any indication, the amount of excitement over this year’s C2E2—the big ReedPOP comics/entertainment expo in Chicago—is quite high. After a bumpy start, I think this con may have actually gotten on the local radar in a big way. Certainly everyone I know is excited about the show and getting to eat […]

Two good people who need lots of positive thoughts


As if everything crazy going on in the last hell week wasn’t enough, life keeps kicking the ass of good people. All time nice guy, Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai writes that his wife Sharon is in the ICU with a serious illness…please send them good thoughts. Sharon and Stan are both the nicest, kindest […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: 4/24/13 — What is “the White Halo” and how do you use it?


We’re heading off to Chicago for the Diamond Retailer Summit, so things will be a little sparse here for a bit, but I’m sure the kids can take care of things.