Indie Month-to-Month Sales March 2013


While Walking Dead and Saga lead the chart again, the big story this month is Jonathan Hickman’s East of West, blowing expectations out of the water with a strong debut. There aren’t that many new titles this month, although Image have four strong debuts, headed up by the infuriating Sex (you’ll see). Elsewhere it’s largely a month of consolidation, with many titles holding within a few percentage points of last month’s sales.

Review: Does Daredevil #25 Suffer From Being TOO Well Made?


When Daredevil jolted back to life in 2011 under the pen of Mark Waid, the series climbed out of a pit of cobwebs and into a bright, vibrant landscape which sought to put some fun back into Matt Murdock’s life. And, as should always be the case when a comic becomes about fun rather than […]

Exclusive: All the C2E2 programming


C2E2 — the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo—kicks off on Friday although we’ll be there from tomorrow on to cover the preceding Diamond Retailer summit. As they’ve done in the past. ReedPOP has provided us with a text only list of panels which is easier to scan than the database driven on eon the site. Sadly, it still doesn’t include panel participants, but maybe next time.

On the plus side — very plus — this is easily the best programming for C2E2 yet, a nice diverse blend of comics, SF, gaming and social based events with a strong local component. Some people last year questioned whether C2E2 would even make it to a fourth year, but it looks like its found its footing at last.

Studio Coffee Run: Amazing Spider-Man 2, Iron Man 3, X-Men, Man of Steel, Thor 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2013) Jamie Foxx as Electro

Darlings, gather your coffee, cross your legs, and sit on the floor as you read about what’s been happening in the comic-book movie world over the last few days. Culture is happening!

Wizard World made $6.7 million in conventions in 2012


Wizard World has just filed its annual report for 2012  and the convention business was up a good bit in 2012. Year Ended December 31, 2012 December 31, 2011 Convention revenue $ 6,743,502 $ 3,782,124 Gross profit (loss) $ 2,419,235 $ 950,913 Operating expenses $ (2,221,426 ) $ (4,108,215 ) Income (loss) from operations $ 197,809 […]

INTERVIEW: From Dragons to Vampires to Super-Spies, with Emma Vieceli!


It’s St George’s Day today, so to celebrate here’s an interview with the only other person on known record to have slain a dragon – Emma Vieceli, writer/artist for a number of graphic novels including Vampire Academy, Dragon Heir, and Avalon Chronicles. She’s also responsible for the artwork in Bates Motel on A&E, and is currently […]