Virginia Paine to take over Sparkplug Books; business to continue as usual


In an announcement on the Sparkplug Books website, Emily Nillson has announced that she and Tom Neely are turning the running of the imprint over entirely to Virginia Paine; and Paine promises business as usual. Nillson is the widow of much-missed Sparkplug founder Dylan Williams. She, Neely and Paine had been runing the company as […]

The Phantom Hand’s Art Opening on 4/20 in Philly

Last Meal

By Dre Grigoropol The artist collective The Phantom Hand is having their art opening for their show The Last Meal this Saturday on 4/20.  The show is at Jinxed, an art gallery at the Piazza in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia. This gallery focuses on illustration.  The Phantom Hand a group that is organized by illustrators and […]

Why Maggott Isn’t the Worst X-Men Character of All Time


A few days ago Brett White wrote a passioned defence of teen hearthrob X-Men character Maggott on CBR. Many would mock him for such a claim, and poke him with brightly painted sticks – but no! Put down those ribbon sticks. Maggott is a character worth defending, and I’m going to give some of my own […]

Titan Solicitations for July 2013

titan tomorrowland 2

Good morning, hungover Brits and Americans who are staying up far too late. And, of course, hello to all our other friends across the World, all of whom experience the joy of different time zones. Titan have released their solicitations for July, so in the spirit of The Brit Zone, here they are: