It’s a strange guide to a mysterious treasure, this tome launching April 25th at Desert Island (eerily appropriate venue name!) from So What? Press, edited by Lara Antal and Dave Kelly. BREAKERS is the culmination of the Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency Program’s three weeks of seclusion for 26 comics creators in the Autumn […]

But if you are trying to buy Eisner Award nominated book in a comics shop, you may have a problem


In a note to his fellow retailers giving them Diamond codes for this year’s Eisner nominees, Brian Hibbs made a rather interesting discovery: Diamond has only 59% of the 101 individual SKUs in stock.  Meanwhile, Baker & Taylor, the world’s biggest book distributor, has 83% of them in stock.

Eisner Awards Nominations Fallout, 2013 edition


We can’t all be winners, folks —we can’t even all be nominees. The Eisner Awards nomination always ignite a debate wth one saide or another feeling snubbed and dissed, because the choices are particularly dependent on each year’s jury—its makeup can skew this way or that. The 2013 edition skewed towards….well, if you really look at the list it didn’t so much skew towards anything as skewing AWAY from superhero comics. But even there, Marvel’s Hawkeye TIED with Chris Ware’s epochal Building Stories for second most nominations — I wouldn’t exactly call that a superhero snub, would you?

Cartoonists visit Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, stand in stunned wonder


The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is the largest collection of comics and comics art in the world. In this charming video by Julie Sokolow, curator Caitlin McGurk leads lucky cartoonists Ed Piskor, Jasen Lex, and Jim Rugg on a magical history tour as they gasp in awe at Bushmiller, Schulz and Kubert originals…as who would not. Along the way the joyous news that the facility will be moving from it’s current 7000 sq. ft. to a massive 40,000 sq. ft. facility this fall. Not that’s progress.