Marvel Month-to-Month Sales March 2013


The Marvel Now launches rumble on in March, with the first issues of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and the relaunched WOLVERINE, not to mention the long-awaited AGE OF ULTRON event. Meanwhile, as the first wave of Marvel Now launches start to settle into their runs, we’re beginning to get a clearer idea of which ones are working. (And which ones, well, not so much.)

Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman to write for Da Vinci’s Demons


David S. Goyer’s Starz TV series Da Vinci’s Demons has recently been confirmed as getting a second season, which has led the writer to bring in some new writers for his staff – namely, Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman, two of Marvel’s top writers. There’s long been a connection between TV and comics – Geoff […]

Mini-Review: New Territory for HE-MAN and the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1


I could pretend that I wasn’t slightly baffled by this comic, and try to be objective about its visually appealing art and its rather nuanced storytelling, separating it surgically from the fact that I grew up with the cartoon and played endlessly with the He-Man figures with my siblings. But the more entrenched those childhood […]

Judd Winick’s HILO acquired by Random House


Via PR, Random House has acquired the graphic novel series HILO from Judd Winick, with the first book to be published in Spring 2015. Executive Editor Shana Corey acquired for Random House from Jodi Reamer of Writers House, and will edit.   HILO is an action-packed, full-color, middle-grade graphic novel series bursting with robots, aliens, […]

RIP: Robert Morales


Wow. I am stunned and heartbroken. SF legend Samuel Delany has just written the following on Facebook: Robert Morales was one of my closest friends–and had been since he was seventeen year old. He died at his home in Brooklyn this morning, leaving his father and mother. He was fifty-four. We spoke on the phone […]

Gilbert Hernandez on the comics of childhood


I was lucky enough to attend the slideshow and talk by Gilbert Hernandez at Housing Works Bookstore the other night. Beto presented a slideshow of his favorite comics of his youth, a particularly salient topic since his new Marble Season is about the joys and mysteries of a kid’s world, including comics and tv and […]

Interview Part 2: Alan Moore may be making movies with Kickstarter

[Part 1: Alan Moore on Providence, Jerusalem, League and more…] PÓM: Jimmy’s End. The whole Jimmy’s End project, how is that coming along? AM: Well, let me see. We have the first cycle of films, the first cycle of short films, of which there are five, all told, four of those have been made. They […]

Another day, another celebrity comic


I remember the days when someone with an IMDB page expressing interest in comic books was seen as some kind of validation of comics in the larger cultural fabric. Now it’s just…look, I’m not going to accept the Black Eyed Peas into the tribe, sorry. I gotta feeling about WIZARD & ROBOTS, a one shot to be written BEP’s by and Brian David Johnson, futurist for chipmaker Intel, with art by Adam Archer. We’re told that “WIZARDS & ROBOTS takes readers on a vivid, evocative journey through thrilling new worlds. Over WIZARDS & ROBOTS’ 48 pages, readers will travel untold distances to experience the tale of an unthinkably massive battle.”

Today’s money breakdown from the Penny Arcade Report: paying for journalism with panty shots


The Penny Arcade Report is a video game news and commentary site run by….well, we’ll let you figure it out. Yesterday editor Ben Kuchera ran down the economics of running a website in dollars and cents. Although he’s talking about video games, it all applies equally to comics journalism:

Superman and Lois Lane are 75 today


Action Comics #1 was published 75 years ago today

To Do This Weekend: Comica Comiket in London

comica_spr13_poster_Big (1)

Are you in London? Your weekend just got planned! Comica Comket starts on Friday, hosting comic creators including Frazer Irving, Julia Scheele, Brian Bolland, and David Hine, amongst many others. And it’s free to enter!

Alternative Comics is back with Stevens, Kochalka, Henderson, Will and more


The return of indie stalwart Alternative Comics was announced a while ago, and publisher Marc Arsenault has just released info on their 2013 slate with books by Karl Stevens, Sam Henderson, Elaine M. Will, James Kochalka, Kevin Scalzo and more. If this cover gallery does not get you excited, then there is nothing I can do for you.