Moore’s ‘Rachel Rising’ may show up on your TV


Hollywood Reporter’s HEAT VISION broke the news that Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising got picked up by Alcon Television Group. Alcon financed/produced movies like BOOK OF ELI, Christopher Nolan’s INSOMNIA, and the Academy Award winning BLINDSIDE.


Chase and Harras column ends at CBR; Harras blog post debuts


Comic Book Resources has announced that today’s B&B column, wherein DC eic Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase answer fan and journalist questions….has been put on the shelf after four outings :


Patton Oswalt Pitches a Star Wars/Marvel Crossover Movie


Patton Oswalt has been rather busy over the last few weeks. When not convincing the World that he should be cast as The Penguin in the next Batman movie, he’s appearing in Parks and Recreation, and delivering a message of unity. And that message of unity is for the union between Star Wars and Marvel. […]


Review: Dial H Vol. 1: Into You

Dial H V1

One of the later additions to DC’s New 52 reboot was a new version of Dial H For Hero, this time shortened to just Dial H.  The revamped version is a vehicle for China Mieville, a bestselling British author who’s generally put in the science fiction category, but tends to be a real genre-bender specializing in […]


Preview: Baltic Comics Magazine s!13 Life is Live


  You can tell we’re getting into the comics spring/summer stride as highly desirable books begin hitting the shelves in rapid tandem. Last week saw my postman deliver Nobrow 8, the end of the month sees the launch of the inaugural and very promising looking Tiny Pencil, and in a fortnight ‘s time we get the release […]


Titan to release A-1 annual with everyone from Kirby to Dayglo


The fabled A1 Brit comics anthology, is getting a relaunch in June, and now an annual in October with the A1 Annual billed as “a Who’s Who of comics’ talent – past, present and future.” And if you look at who’s in it, you may just agree. The issue comes with two covers, including a Diamond exclusive cover by Jim Steranko and Stanley Lau. Contributors include everyone from Simon and Kirby reprints to Dave Johnson to Emily Hu. 176 pages and $22.99. Sold!


Neil Gaiman and The Beat think exactly alike: “Nobody knows.”


Coinciding brilliantly with our post yesterday on the nagging uncertainty of making a career in future media, world-renowned best selling author Neil Gaiman said pretty much exactly the same thing in a keynote address at the London Book Fair which urged everyone to just try new shit (we’re paraphrasing) to find what works:


Call to donate kids comics to Boston Children’s Hospital


Beat pal and writer Adri Cowan writes to say she’s collecting kid-friendly comics to donate to the Boston Children’s Hospital and other Boston hospitals following the horrific events in Boston this week.


MEGA-INTERVIEW with Matt Kindt: ‘find the territory that nobody has staked out yet’


Interviewing Matt Kindt at WonderCon brought with it some unusual circumstances. Just prior to speaking to Kindt, I had the opportunity to hear him talk about his career history in a mammoth 90 minute panel interview, which I later covered for The Beat. This posed a serious question: what could I possibly ask him about […]


Read Monkeybrain’s Bandette #1 for Free

Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette has received four Will Eisner Comic Industry Award nominations for 2013. The digital comic is up for Best New Series and Best Digital Series, and Colleen is nominated under Best Penciller/Inker and Best Colorist. Want to see what all the fuss is about? In light of the prestigious news, Monkeybrain is giving away issue one — free of charge — until Friday night of San Diego Comic-Con.


The FUN HOME musical is coming to the Public Theater this fall

We’ve been following the development a musical based on Alison Bechdel’s classic comics memoir Fun Home for a while, and nowNew York’s prestigious Public Theater has announced its fall schedule and the show will have it’s world premiere in October. A lot less drama than Spider-Man, eh? Here’s the logline: World Premiere Musical FUN HOME […]


New trailer for Man of Steel hits the comics high spots


MAN OF STEEL, the Superman reboot, is probably the most important comic book movie since the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man — the future of DC’s superheroes on screen rests on its caped shoulders. If the movie does well, a whole new cinematic universe could unfold. If it flops…well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 4/17/13: good insect art


§ It’s been kind of hard to concentrate on comics with all the horrible things going on in Boston. Fleen blogger Gary Tyrell is also a trained EMT, and he gives some emergency basics in this post. Worth a read, and keep sending good thoughts out for a better, saner world.


INTERVIEW: 2000AD’s Arthur Wyatt Explores The Streets of Dan Francisco


Starting this week, Arthur Wyatt will be the writer for a new series in Judge Dredd Megazine which focuses on Dan Francisco, the former Chief Judge. Francisco has been one of the most prominent Judge Dredd characters for several years now, having started out as the star of his own reality TV series which proved […]