Adam Johnson: Pulitzer Prize Winner and A Comics Fan

Congrats to 2013 Pulitzer Prize winner for Fiction Adam Johnson! Not only a brilliant writer he’s also helped to launch the Graphic Novel Project at Stanford University

Molly Crabapple’s The Shell Game Exhibit


By Melissa Coci Molly Crabapple’s poster for The Shell Game. via When a crowd gathers in New York City on a Friday night to stare inside a window– especially a freezing ‘spring’ night – you know whatever is in that window must be pretty damn special. Such was the case for the opening of […]

It Girl & The Atomics to end with Issue #12


With the Image soliciations for June 2013 came the news that It Girl & The Atomics, the series spinning out of Mike Allred’s Mad Man, will be ending with issue #12. Writer Jamie S. Rich confirmed the news on his blog, noting that the final issue will see all the previous artists return for a […]

Robinov hints at DC movie plan as Man of Steel gets viral trailer


A recent EW package on Man of Steel includes comments from WB studio head Jeff Robinov that suggest a wider direction for DC-based movies in the wake of the next Superman film:

Is Marvelman Coming At Last? And What Might We See?


Much has been made in the past week of a statement by Marvel Comics’ editor-in-chief Axel Alonso about Marvelman. Speaking to Albert Ching on on Monday the 8th of April, there was this exchange: Newsarama: Axel, not sure how much you can speak to this right now, but given the recent Angela news, fans […]

INTERVIEW: Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton Team Up on Kickstarter!


Kick up the Kick-Watcher! Today sees the launch of Code Monkey Save World, a new 60-page graphic novel from Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton, to be brought to life by the artistic team of Takeshi Miyazawa, Jessica Kholinne, and Simon Bowland. Wait – Jonathan Coulton, the musician, sir? Yes sir, that’d be him! The graphic […]

Holy cow: COWBOY WALLY animation test

Kyle Baker has posted a very short animation test for what appears to be an animated version of Cowboy Wally, a strong contender for funniest graphic novel of all time. (Man, it took some real detective work to figure that one out, right?) Those of you predisposed to get excited about this, now is the […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 4/15/2013: a taxing time


§ Mark Waid remembers Carmine Infantino for the Los Angeles Times: Carmine Infantino was, depending on your age, the Flash artist or the Batman artist or the Star Wars artist. Jack Kirby’s work was pure power. Will Eisner’s was pure mood. But Carmine’s was pure design. Lesser artists rendered each of their comic panels as […]

Snowpiercer: The Most Overlooked Comics Film of 2013?

Le Transperceneige

While much of the comics and film press has been focusing on various men of metal (iron, steel and adamantium respectively) alongside promising sequels and the lovely Thor, one comic film is being a tad overlooked. Starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, Ed Harris and Octavia Spencer, this looks set […]