Let Me Tell You What Trinity War Is


Dearest readers! Brian Truitt, that most handsome of USA Today reporters, has today revealed what DC’s Trinity War event will actually be about. There were thoughts this might be about the trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, or even the trinity of Phantom Stranger, The Question, and Pandora — but no! This will instead […]

Poison Chalice Interlude: 1953 – 1985 Roundup and Some Notes on Copyright


So far, this history of Marvelman – more correctly called Poisoned Chalice: The Extremely Long and Incredibly Complex Story of Marvelman – has taken nine chapters – well, eight chapters plus an introduction – to tell the story of the events that led up to the creation of Marvelman; the story of the actual creation […]

Iain Banks is Unwell

On the morning of Wednesday the 3rd of April a personal statement from Scottish author Iain Banks appeared on both his own website and the Orbit Books website which stunned everyone in the literary world in Britain. He has cancer, and is unlikely to live beyond another 12 months. You could feel the shockwaves from […]