WonderCon 2013: Tarzan tells a tale of Tiger at Warner Bros. Pulp TV Panel

A powerful looking Ron Ely, star of the TV’s “Tarzan”(1966-1968) and “Doc Savage: Man of Bronze” (1975) spellbound his audience at WonderCon Friday, relating his fight with a wild tiger.  According to Ely, “The Script read: Tarzan sees tiger, Tarzan fights tiger, Tarzan and tiger walkaway in opposite directions with mutual respect.” Instead of firing […]


Preview: Judge Dredd, Suicide Watch

Oh grud

In Dredd’s long and illustrious career we’ve seen many a female Judge stepping up to the plate, from Anderson to McGruder, but the iconic British strip has never been written by a woman. Until now.


Preview: Sonny Liew’s and Gene Luen Yang’s retro superhero book


Over at his blog, Sonny Liew’s been posting some lettered pages from his as yet untitled upcoming book with Gene Luen Yang for First Second, and it looks pretty great, particularly that 50’s inspired pulpy cover. As a fan of Liew’s work, I’ve been keeping up with this project for a while, (although aware of […]


Kickstarter Alert: Elysia, A Gorgeous Project

Elysia Cover

An exciting new original graphic novel from Serena Obhrai and Jennie Gyllblad following the epic adventures of a not so ordinary girl.


Fully Dressed Redesigns of Superheroines


A project by Michael Lee Lunsford – of Supernnormal Step webcomic fame – that sees some of our favourite women superheroes dressed in non-revealing costumes has been causing a splash on the internet today.


On the Scene: WonderCon 2013, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti Are ‘Interactive’


“I’m sorry I’m late with my book”, Jimmy Palmiotti said rather humbly, opening a “spotlight” panel on March 31st 2013 at WonderCon, and asked the audience if he ought to put on some “background music”.  Amanda Conner, his co-spotlighter, and Palmiotti explained, tongue in cheek, that if the panel appeared “random”, months of deep thought […]


Starstruck is back with Harry Palmer on Kickstarter


Okay, comics just got a little cooler. Elaine Lee and Mike Kaluta have started a Kickstarter to produce HARRY PALMER: STARSTRUCK, a long in the making continuation of their STARSTRUCK storyline. If you read this when it came out or in the recent IDW reprinting, you know it’s one of the most fantastic space operas […]


On the Scene: WonderCon 2013, Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick Pushes Fan Empowerment


While the Nerdist Industries’ arena event at WonderCon this year was ostensibly about the future of the Youtube based pop culture conglomerate, and, indeed, plenty was said about upcoming projects, the question and answer period really expanded into a call to arms for fans to help directly determine the future of pop culture. Nerdist founder […]


Madefire teams with deviantART for more motion comics


Madefire—the VC-funded IoS-based comics starter— and DeviantART, the 7th largest social network on the internet, have teamed up to share art and technology. Madefire will allow its motion comics technology to be available on DV to present comics, and DV users will use this technology to create new limited animation comics. Todd Allen previewed the […]


INTERVIEW: Stephen Mooney Goes Creator-Owned for ‘Half Past Danger’


Later this year IDW will be publishing Half Past Danger, a new series written, drawn, and created by Stephen Mooney. After working as artist on several IDW titles including Star Trek and Angel for the last few years, Mooney decided it was time to set up a creator-owned project, which he’d have full control over. […]


Good news: Four new comics shops and a reopening


Diamond reports that for the last two years, their number of accounts has gone up by 1% each year—a tiny amount, to be sure, but at least it isn’t falling. Here’s some recent stories about NEW stores opening up, and one old one reopening—proof that indie bookstores and comics are not domed quite yet.


2013 Hugo Award nominees announced


Awards season rolls on, unstoppable. The Hugos—given to the best in SF—have announced the 2013 nominees and here’s the comics category: Best Graphic Story (427 nominating ballots cast) Grandville Bête Noire, written and illustrated by Bryan Talbot (Dark Horse Comics, Jonathan Cape) Locke & Key Volume 5: Clockworks, written by Joe Hill, illustrated by Gabriel […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 4/2/13: Foodtown


§ Steve Bissette has begun writing a a history of WaP!, a pros-only newsletter from the ’80s—spearheaded by Steven Grant and Frank Miller—that created quite a stir at the time. The history is tied up with much of the creator unrest of the era. The first chapter is much concerned with Dave Sim, Diamond and […]


DCU and Vertigo collection schedule: Deluxe Invisibles, DMZ, DC One MIllion and Planetary Omnibuses, etc.

DC has released its graphic novel schedule into February 2014, and it’s a huge list of 147 books. The whole list is below, with Vertigo first and then the DCU.