Review: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s Superman


I saw the final night of the ENCORE! concert staging of the Adams/Strouse Superman musical last night and I truly wish I had seen it earlier so I could have written about it earlier and told everyone to go see it because it was a DELIGHT! But the theater was jammed so I guess it […]

Review – Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray

five ghosts

Every now and again there’s a buzz book that lives up to the hype.  When I first the announcements for Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray, my initial thought was that it was a rehash of Cowboy Ninja Viking, an Image book from 2-3 years ago with a similar premise of a man who could channel […]

MEGA-INTERVIEW: Cliff Galbraith on the Meteoric Rise of the Asbury Park Comicon


If you’ve been following the history of the Asbury Park Comicon, which opened only a year ago in March of 2012, you know it’s been a strange, yet rather astonishing ride, but imagine how much stranger it must be for founder and indie comics creator Cliff Galbraith. What started in a bowling alley turned music […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales February 2013


Walking Dead continues to dominate, but Star Wars and Saga both go from strength to strength. Strong debuts for Shadow Year One, Legend of the Shadowclan and the new GI Joe book are interspersed with increased sales for My Little Pony, Adventure Time and Hellboy. Elsewhere is the usual clutch of Image debuts, while further down a few series return to the charts after a period away.

Kick-Watcher: Interview with Vera Greentea on PAPA


Writer/publisher Vera Greentea is shooting for her fifth successful Kickstarter comic book campaign. Since 2010 she has raised $22,601 and this time she’s trying to hit her $10,000 goal to fund her latest anthology, PAPA.

The most nerve-wracking job in comics


Looking to work in comics? There are quite a few openings at DC Entertainment—most of them in the Burbank office—but this one in NYC for Editorial Scheduling Coordinator might be the most nerve-wracking, as the job description is a detailed rundown of tracking and scheduling and resolving discrepancies. There’s also this: Must have the ability […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/25/13: Echoes of WildStorm


§ J. Caleb Mozzocco looks at the remains of WildStorm in the New 52 with a focus on Stormwatch, and he has some sharp words for the overall art style: What I found most interesting in this portion of the book is how many artists were involved with these designs: Hamner (Jenny, Adam, Apollo, Midnighter, […]