Review: Captain Marvel #11 – Warp Speed


The relaunch of Captain Marvel, with Carol Danvers in the title role, started off very shakily. The first six-issues told a time-travel story which eventually teased together parts of the character’s origin in a way which wasn’t particularly as entertaining or dynamic as was hoped. Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick had previously proven herself to have […]

Is DC Prepping To Kill Off John Stewart?


It’s a modern comic book cliche.  Need sales?  Kill off a character.  Preferably a big enough character than it can make all the newspapers and media websites.  You don’t always see that much of a sales bump long term, but you sell a huge amount of the death issue and then you can announce the […]

Breaking: Frank Hannah is a real person


Part of yesterday’s “March Surprise” for DC Comics—confirmation that two popular writers were walking off their books due to editorial interference—was another odd fragment found lying around‚ the issue of Supergirl with one team listed on the cover (Mike Johnson and Mamud Asrar) while the actual contents were by the famous team of Frank Hannah […]

Four webcomics = one half a Veronica Mars on Kickstarter


It’s been a HUGE month for webcomics projects on Kickstarter with no less than four six-figure projects. The Cyanide and Happiness crew netted $770,309 for their animation projects—the most ever for an animation Kickstarter. You may recall that the four-man combine rejected three established TV deals to do it their own way. David Makli!’s Game […]

Interview: Eddie Campbell — “My theory is that we cannot stand the idea that the universe is random…”


In May Top Shelf in the US and Knockabout in the UK will be co-publishing The From Hell Companion. The Top Shelf website describes it as An astonishing selection of Alan Moore‘s original scripts and sketches for the landmark graphic novel, with copious annotations, commentary, and illustrations by Eddie Campbell. Here for the first time […]

TCAF announces new guests, new features


Speaking of TCAF, announcements are coming thick and fast. More guests \have been announced since last we checked in, including Rutu Modan, Lisa Hanawalt, and C.F., Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, Boulet, Jarrett Krosoczka, Frederik Peeters, Patrick McEown , Lauren Barnett, Dennis Lo, Patrick Alexander, T Edward Bak, Ulli Lust, and the Australian Caravan of Comics: Bruce Mutard, Mirranda Burton, Scarlette Baccini, Marijka Gooding, Patrick Alexander, Gregory Mackay and Dan Hayward. As the travelled the furthest crew, you can help pay for their trip via this IndieGogo campaign.