The New Green Lantern Writers Are Revealed, Plus Fialkov’s Explanation.


Consider it official, Joshua Fialkov is definitely off his Green Lantern books.  DC’s Alex Segura has tweeted the new writers.

Constantine #1 – The Six-Word Review


CONSTANTINE #1 Written by JEFF LEMIRE and RAY FAWKES Art by RENATO GUEDES Colored by MARCELO MAIOLO Lettered by SAL CIPRIANO Edited by KATIE KUBERT and BRIAN CUNNINGHAM Covers by ROD REIS, IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO Constantine does not have bulging quadriceps. Okay, I guess I do need more than six words…in order for […]

Fialkov Leaving Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns


It seems like a good day for announcements about leaving DC titles.  First news breaks that Andy Diggle has left Action Comics.   There are now two reports that Joshua Fialkov has left Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.

The Legal View: Wertham was right


Tonight in SoHo, a panel of comics all-stars will discuss the Carol Tilley’s Seducing the Innocent, which purports to expose industry bete noire Fredric Wertham as a fraud. What’s more important for us today, however, is understanding why he was right.

TO DO: A busy night in New York City comics — Fingerman, Wood, Wertham


Wow, you have your choice of most excellent comics events tonight in New York: • Bob Fingerman at Forbidden Planet You’ll *gasp* in amazement at the majesty of the new Maximum Minimum Wage collection! Plus Five Ghosts! • Then run next door to the Strand for Alex Cox interviewing Brian Wood! You’ll be STUNNED at […]

Review – Constantine #1, This Is Not Your Father’s Hellblazer


A preview for Constantine #1 was widely circulated last month and the reaction around these parts was somewhat less than enthusiastic.  IIRC, someone in the comment section renamed it “Heckblazer.”  I’ve read the full issue and it’s not as bad as the initial impression, but it really isn’t Hellblazer, either.

Andy Diggle Off Action Comics – One and Done

Action 19

Andy Diggle has left Action Comics.  His first issue was #19.  The whispers I’m hearing from high places are that Tony Daniel will be taking over as writer (in addition to artist) with issue #20.

Five reasons to support Rick Geary’s new Kickstarter


“This hardcover graphic novel covers the 1920 unsolved murder of author and bridge expert, Joseph Elwell.” I doubt you will need more encouragement than the above to go RIGHT THIS MINUTE and support Rick Geary’s Kickstarter for THE ELWELL ENIGMA—but just in case, here are five more reasons: * Rick Geary is one of the […]

New video explores the astounding world of Nick Gurewitch’s hair


This PBS video–part of their Off Book series–spotlighting webcartooniSts have been making the rounds. It’s only 7 minutes long but spotlights: Christina Xu, Breadpig Nick Gurewitch, Perry Bible Fellowship Sam Brown, Exploding Dog Lucy Knisley, Stop Paying Attention Andrew Hussie, Homestuck And it is a condition not generally noted before that in addition to making […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/20/13: Spring Cleaning


Making a living at Random House, saving a statue, listening to Al Jaffee

The First Round of Shocking WTF DC Covers Arrive


Hold onto your monocles, because it’s time for DC comics to make their first attempt at getting you to drop them in shock. The initial round of April ‘shock’ gatefold covers have been released via various locations – CBR, MTV Geek, DC’s Source blog, and so on – and I’ve collected them here. So far we […]

TODAY is the Eisner Award Submission deadline!!!


Get those packages out today with material for consideration in the Eisner Awards. Details here. Judging will take place next month (if the usual schedule holds), nominations announced soon after, and the Awards will be given out July 19th at Comic-Con International: San Diego.