Five reasons to support Rick Geary’s new Kickstarter


“This hardcover graphic novel covers the 1920 unsolved murder of author and bridge expert, Joseph Elwell.” I doubt you will need more encouragement than the above to go RIGHT THIS MINUTE and support Rick Geary’s Kickstarter for THE ELWELL ENIGMA—but just in case, here are five more reasons: * Rick Geary is one of the […]

New video explores the astounding world of Nick Gurewitch’s hair


This PBS video–part of their Off Book series–spotlighting webcartooniSts have been making the rounds. It’s only 7 minutes long but spotlights: Christina Xu, Breadpig Nick Gurewitch, Perry Bible Fellowship Sam Brown, Exploding Dog Lucy Knisley, Stop Paying Attention Andrew Hussie, Homestuck And it is a condition not generally noted before that in addition to making […]