Andy Diggle’s Dynamite Crime Project Unveiled as “Uncanny”


Dynamite has announced the second tile in its new “Crime Line.”  Uncanny will be the new title from Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell, concerning a shady character who can borrow people’s skills running into an international conspiracy.  Which is to say something along the lines of a thriller with a slight touch of superhuman activity […]

Mini Marvels: Fearless Defenders, Cheesecake for Women!

Fearless Defenders #1

Marvel continue to tempt me with their extraordinary cover designs that are leaving many other publishers in the shade. Coming to Fearless Defenders blind of recent continuity, I had high hopes for this all female line-up, and was promptly swept off my feet.

Comic-Con problems: SXSW, convention center delay


While we all know the San Diego Comic-Con reigns as the biggest, loudest, most stressful and exciting media event in the world, we’ve also predicted that fickle Hollywood may someday not view it as the be-all and end-all of Marketing Existence. In a recent story on Deadline, Jen Yamato suggests that the SECOND biggest loudest, […]

Persepolis still not being taught to seventh graders in Chicago; students stage sit in this morning


As we suspected when the news broke, the removal of Persepolis from the seventh grade curriculum at a Chicago high school turned in to a minor media circus pretty quickly, with school officials saying different things all over the place. If you missed all the confusion, the Chicago Tribune
has the authoritative round up and Claire Kirch covers it for PW. Basically it emerged that the book was not being removed from school libraries or all schools, but it is being removed from the 7-10 grade curriculum where it is is currently being taught. The person who seems to have decided that is at the very top: Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennnet who wrote

All you need to know about digital book sales, Amazon bestsellers, and making money from selling books


Three pretty interesting posts on book sales and Amazon which, if you triangulate them, give you a good look at where the publishing business stands this Monday morning as Winter turns into Spring 2013:

You don’t know who Walter Biggins is but he’s fantastic and now it’s too late


Confession: I did not know the name of the editor of the University Press of Mississippi’s excellent line of books about comics—spanning scholarly works on Chris Ware, Alan Moore, Osamu Tezuka and everyone in between—but his name is Walter Biggins and now he’s leaving. But luckily Jeet Heer, who wrote several books for the line, catches up with him first —hopefully USM’s strong comics list will continue:

First look: Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin tease their new series — UPDATED: Follow, Share and Like


It’s been rumored for a long time that Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin have been working on a new project together. Here is the first evidence of that project. A teaser with the word “Follow.” Is it the title? Or just a teaser? In October BKV said that he and Marcos were working on […]

SPX exhibitor registration ignites Table-geddon


Jeebus, its getting so you can’t even throw a SMALL press show without melting servers and frustrated tweets.

Table registration for this year’s Small Press Expo went live yesterday at noon, EDT. And it seems that the servers promptly crashed due to the overwhelming demand. While we missed the actual event, it’s pretty easy to follow the trail of the tweets: