Ten Grand (JMS/Templesmith) Preview Art


J. Michael Straczynski has had a strange ride in comics over the last few years.  The Twelve, which finally wrapped up last year, was highly regarded by critics.  Superman walking across the country… not so much.  When JMS first started doing comics on a regular basis (he’d dabbled a bit here and there, earlier), it was […]

REVIEW: Changing the Dynamic with ‘Halcyon and Tenderfoot’


I was sent the first issue of this miniseries from Art Heroes a few months ago, where it seemed like a fun, all-ages series about a superhero duo. But then the story suddenly went off in a radically unexpected direction, and proved itself to be a thorough and startling deconstruction of superhero comics as a […]

Kick-Watcher: The way it should be: Lars Brown’s Penultimate Quest


Kickstarter has been a talking point in the comics industry ever since its conception, most recently and prominently for the fallout between Mark Andrew Smith and the problems he’s been having with his Sullivan Sluggers book. My experience with the platform has been limited: I use it purely as a pre-order service and since May last year […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: January 2013


Walking Dead sees a big rise as expected, while Saga and Buffy sandwich the new Star Wars book, and Invincible’s one hundredth issue. Elsewhere, it’s a good month for all-ages comics, and Image have their usual batch of debuts. Dynamite have a poorer month than usual for sales drops, but a round of relaunches are on the horizon.

Toronto ComiCon: Tales of Poutine and Bacon Donuts

CN Tower from the convention site

by Amy Chu Toronto ComiCon this past weekend was my first convention experience in Canada and a very positive one. Organized by FanExpo, it is much smaller than the massive Fan Expo in August. Since it was right on the heels of Seattle’s Emerald City Con and before MegaCon in Orlando, I could have taken […]

February Sales Estimates – Marvel NOW Finds Minor Stability

The February sales estimates are in over at The Comics Chronicles and what a strange February it was. DC papered over a decaying mess at the bottom of their New 52 chart with a whopping 307K for Justice League of America #1 and its state flag variant cover stunt.  Variants are still the flavor of week.  Marvel’s […]

Preview: Other Stuff by Peter Bagge and friends


This May Fantagraphics is releasing OTHER STUFF, a compilation of various strips by Peter Bagge and his friends like Dan Clowes, Gilbert Hernandez, and R. Crumb. The stories in the book are mostly outside the famed Buddy Bradley saga, but no less hilarious.

The Stranger in Paradise Omnibus is back in paperback


If you’ve ever wanted to own the definitive version of Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise saga, it’s available once again in Omnibus form. Originally released as a hardcover, the 2400 page two-volume collection included what Moore considered the final version of the story, with censorship removed, and storytelling smoothed out. However, that edition is long […]