Cartoonists Doing Things: Shigeru Mizuki eats a hamburger


The 90-year-old creator of NonNonBa, Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, and such yokai masterpieces as GeGeGe no chows down with relish. As recounted in the semi-autobiographical Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, Mizuki lost an arm in World War II, but that hasn’t prevented him from going to McDonalds.

Marvel’s SXSW Blitz In Context


Marvel made the media rounds at SXSW yesterday and most of the announcements were for things off in the future.  SXSW is fast becoming Marvel’s mainstream outreach equivalent of SDCC.  That’s right.  SXSW isn’t really about the Direct Market comics fan.  It’s about getting Marvel’s name and their *digital* offerings in the mind set of […]

Akamatsu starting a new manga, fretting about career


As if creating the manga blockbusters Love, Hina and Negima weren’t enough, manga-kaKen Akamatsu is launching a new manga this summer according to Japanese news reports. No details on the contents — his previous hits were harem manga but in 2010 he declared that genre passé, so maybe we’ll see something more genre busting from him. Akamatsu is notable for (in translation at least) being a little more focused on the business aspects of manga:

Warner about to become Time-free—what does it mean for DC Comics?


Time Warner has found its magazine division all too quittable: after an unsuccessful attempt to sell off the print division which puts out Time, People, Sports Illustrated, it has decided to just split it off into its own business, and hope stock investors come along who like to look at glossy magazine. It’s a similar to the move Mr. Burns Rupert Murdoch pulled recently, splitting Fox into two divisions: The Fox Group, which includes movies and TV, and News Corp., which includes the newspaper division.