Review: Relish- food and comics, a happy marriage


Relish by Lucy Knisley First Second A few years ago, if you were told about the rise of the Internet and asked to predict one of the top things that people would blog and post about, can you honestly say food would have been up there as a contender? And by food, I don’t mean […]

Review: The Villains Kick Things off in Shadowman #5


The most recent book to return from Valiant, Shadowman started a second arc this week, with issue #5 from Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher. The series has made an effective return, with some good character work and world-building – although the book is struggling to lift all the different storylines it has weighing it down. […]

Justice League of America #1 DC’s biggest book since 1996

By John Jackson Miller via Comichron DC’s Justice League of America #1 turned in the strongest single-issue sales performance for a comic book in the month of February since at least 1996 — and the biggest single-month number for a DC title since that time, as well. That’s based on Comichron’s estimates of retailer orders from Diamond Comic Distributors. […]

INTERVIEW: R.M. Peaslee and R.G. Weiner Deconstruct Spider-Man in WEB-SPINNING HEROICS


Spider-Man is hands down one of the most popular characters ever to leap from the pages of Marvel Comics, and is even a strong contender for one of the most popular comic characters produced by any comics publisher. He’s also displayed a particular trademark flexibility in successfully taking to the silver screen and flourishing through […]

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum announces PARTY


BY JEN VAUGHN – Caitlin McGurk, OSU Engagement Coordinator librarian (and a former cow0rker of mine) let loose the news. The Sullivant Hall unleashing and revealing at the Grand Opening Festival will happen November 14th-17th in conjunction with the CFP: The Third Triennial Academic Conference at the Festival of Cartoon Art. Does that not sound […]

Cartoonists doing things: Nate Powell in Selma


Cartoonist Nate Powell (left) along with Rep. John Lewis and writer Andrew Aydin—all collaborators on the upcoming graphic novel March—walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma AL, March 2013, where in 1965 600 marchers protesting for civil rights, among them Lewis, were tear gassed and beaten with clubs by police.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: January 2013


The rolling program of Marvel Now! relaunches continued in January, with SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, NEW AVENGERS, SAVAGE WOLVERINE, UNCANNY X-FORCE, YOUNG AVENGERS and MORBIUS. Plus, there’s the miniseries DEADPOOL: KILLUSTRATED – and, just as interesting as the January launches, the continuing question of how the earlier Marvel Now titles are settling down.

Once again, Marvel had the largest share of the North American direct market, leading DC by 40% to 35% in units, and 35% to 32% in dollars.