“Superman Unchained” is the New Lee/Snyder Title


We knew there was a new Superman title coming up, but we didn’t know the name of it.  Jim Lee and Scott Synder will be teaming up for “Superman Unchained.”  Perhaps we should infer that the Django Unchained adaption is selling well for them?


Review: X-Men Legacy #6 FEATURING PIXIE


X-Men Legacy completes the first arc, with writer Si Spurrier taking its lead character – which, I still can’t really believe, is Professor X’s son Legion – into a new direction, having thoroughly established him as protagonist worth following. He’s joined by artist Jorge Molina, who has spent the last year or so drawing essentially […]


Mini Marvels: Hawkeye #8 – My Bad Penny

Hawkeye #8

Hey bro. Bro! You reading Hawkguy bro? Missin’ out bro.


John Allison and Matt Bors weigh in on making money in comics


It’s a Monday early in the month, you just paid the rent and you’re now wondering how you are going to live on celery for the next 27 days—that must be why so many posts on how to make a living at this here thing are coming out today. We’ve already seen Jerry Ordway plead to be taken seriously as a creator. But it’s not just the old paper and ink crowd that’s fretting this day. The webcomickers are at it too.


When Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad wrote a comics about Timothy Leary


Wanna read some trippy excerpts from a 1979 comic based on the writing of drug guru Timothy Leary. The art is by Pete von Sholly and Tim Kummero, while the script was by Von Sholly and George Dicaprio, father of you-know-who. The older Dicaprio was quite active in the underground comics scene before spending more time managing his son’s career.


INTERVIEW: ACTIVATEcomix at 7 Years with Fraser, Dougan, Dvorak, Kendall, Ortiz

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 12.28.11 AM

For a webcomics platform to reach the ripe age of seven years in the daily-changing world of the internet is a remarkable accomplishment, and for it to keep producing  original, fresh, and engaging work even more of a triumph that accounts for its survival. Founded by Emmy award-winning artist and comics creator Dean Haspiel in […]


Awards Season: Ware and Stevenson win first Cartoonist Studio Prizes; Spectrum Finalists announced


§ The winners of Slate’s first ever Cartoonist Studio Prize have been announced: Chris Ware and Building Stories in the Best Graphic Novel of the Year category and Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona for webcomics. Winners and finalists were slected by Slat’es Dan Kois selected student from CCS and guest judge Françoise Mouly.


Achewood Test Footage — WITH VOICES


A longer version of the animated Achewood being put together by creator Chris Onstad is now available. Has your mind been blown? Did it sound like you expected?


Must read: Jerry Ordway on ageism in comics


The gravy train usually has a very short ride.


Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey Treasury is coming in November


Instant want: Fantagraphics will be collecting Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey stories in a treasury edition. The books originally came out from Dark Horse but are joining Millionaie’s Maakie’s collections at FBI.


Marvel’s #1 to be Announced at SXSW


Marvel have been teasing a new project called #1, which has been suggested to be a weekly comic, or some kind of compendium, or… well, who knows. At any rate, a new teaser has surfaced, revealing the creative people who will be featured in the project, as well as the news that the announcement for […]


Miriam Katin’s LETTING IT GO Tour Dates


Miriam Katin is hitting the road with LETTING IT GO , her memoir about coming to terms with her son’s move to Germany and her memories of the Holocaust.


On the scene: Emerald City Comic Con ’13 in photos


For years people have been telling me to go to this show. “It’s a comics comic-con.” I just want to say right of fthe bat, if you didn’t get in to San Diego Comic-Con or you have been going for years and didn’t beat the refresh button, then save up for ECCC next year. This […]


ECCC started the comics year with a bang


Comics boom time seems to be continuing, is this weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con was any indication. While we wait for Beat correspondents Henry Barajas and Amy Chu to regain consciousness, you can read all our panel coverage here and just follow along on the #eccc hashtag until you get tired of seeing people talking about how awesome the show was.


Small Press Expo 2013 reveals guests, poster


Over the weekend this year’s Small Press rolled out their first poster by Jeremy Sorese, and the first hint ogf this year’s guests: Lisa Hanawalt, Gene Yang, Frank Santoro, Gary Panter and Seth. Great guests, great poster, great show.