ECCC ’13 – The Big Picture Panel

The Internet has changed everything for the funny book business; we all know that for the most part. It can either make or break your comic book career that probably hasn’t even started yet. The internet has 24/7 access to creators and publishers. What kind of impact is that having on the industry as a […]



We’re a few minutes away from the Official West Coast Fables Panel kicking off and we’ll be liveblogging. Get ready to hit refresh. The West Coast Fables Panel has moved to ECCC from SDCC because Willingham is just tired of the crowds at San Diego. Mark Buckingham is only going to the Fabletown and Beyond […]


ECCC ’13 – Liveblogging Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way

While I suspect the answer is “make comics on your own and hope somebody likes them,” how to break in is a common question and the Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way will be kicking off in a few minutes and we’ll be liveblogging. Get ready to hit the update button. Our cast of characters: […]


Liveblogging DC Entertainment All-Access: 100 Bullets Sequel Announced.

DC’s first panel at the Emerald City Comicon will be starting in a few minutes and we’ll be liveblogging block it as it happens. Go ahead and hit refresh for updates. And away we go…. Our roster: Vertigo editor Mark Doyle, Scott Snyder (you know who he is), Ray Fawkes, Jae Lee, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs, […]


To do tonight NYC: Deep Girl Release Party at Desert Island


If we didn’t have a previous gig, we’d be all over this. $20 for a hand-bound limited edition of essential 90s artifacts? Hell YEAH. Find out where it all began!


To do this weekend, East Lansing, Michigan: MSU Comics Forum


Wow did we miss the boat on this. Two days in and we finally link to it. Shameful. On the other hand, it’s a sign of comics ongoing academic respectability that a three day comics symposium featuring Nick Bertozzi, Josh Neufeld, Erin Polgreen and more could be taking place and there would be so much other comics stuff going on that it would only be the most serious of six or seven other top notch events. Anyway read all about it here, and there’s still time to get in on the fun with tonight’s keynote and tomorrows panels:


Interview: Gail Simone on Writing Red Sonja For Dynamite


Gail Simone isn’t exclusive at DC any more.  She’s picked up her first non-DC/Marvel title in a loooooong time in the form of a new Red Sonja series from Dynamite, set to launch in July.




Vertigo released Book 1 of its THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO graphic novel adaptation of the award-winning posthumously published Millennium Series novels by Stieg Larsson in 2012 in hardback, begging the question: do we really need a graphic novel of a series so popular that the novels fly off the shelves and two film […]


Karagoz: a visual smorgasbord of fun


Karagoz  Contributors: Thomas Wellmann, Nadine Redlich, Warwick Johnson Cadwell,  Olaf Albers, Max Fiedler, Rita Fürstenau, Lomp, Michael Meier, Lisa Röper and Andreas Schuster. I’m delighted comics anthology Karagoz is finally available online  for everybody to buy. It’s an anthology I enjoyed immensely after picking it up at Thought Bubble last year from contributor Warwick Johnson Cadwell’s table, having been instantly drawn by that great cover; […]


Review: 2000AD 1821: Happy Anniversary, Tharg


Last Wednesday’s issue of 2000AD was special not just because I don’t think any serialised comic has ever had an issue one thousand, eight hundred and twenty-one before, but also because it’s the 36th anniversary for the prog. To celebrate, the issue features some Judge Dredd, a little Strontium Dog, and a new Brian Bolland […]


To Do tonight Seattle: Boom’s ECCC Drink Up


It’s party time tonight. And people will be drinking up, we’d imagine.


Marvel’s graphic novel program examined again—and Marvel’s response


The somewhat uneven performance of Marvel’s graphic novel program is a frequent topic of analysis when we talk about graphic novel programs here. Both the Diamond and Bookscan numbers for 2012 showed Marvel — the #1 publisher overall in the Direct Sales market — surprisingly far back in the pack where books are concerned.


Staple Kicks off This weekend


There’s comics action in Austin, TX this weekend as well with STAPLE, which lasts all weekend and has now morphed into an Independent Media Expo, kicking off just before SXSW. Comics Guests include Steve Niles, Bernie Wrightson and James O’Barr. Here’s a schedule and some highlights:


Another Robin is dead, and here’s what they’re saying


Well, the task of being Batman’s sidekick has claimed another life. Young Damian Wayne, the fruit of Batman’s own loins, with killed in a battle with his clone brother in Batman, Incorporated #8. And not in a quick one panel zap, the way we used to do comic book deaths, but in a multi panel pummeling. Since Damian was a little brat for most of his 10 years, some people weren’t that sad. But others were. The reactions have been many and varied. First and most poignantly the entire Batfamily is mourning on next month’s somber covers, as revealed at Buzzfeed.

And there was much talk in the mediasphere as well, although without cool Greg Capullo covers. One thing’s for sure…Damian wasn’t the first Robin to die…and I’m guessing he won’t be the last.


Emerald City Comic Con kicks off today


Time to break in those shoes and hydrate — big con season is back starting today with the Emerald City Comic Con. The tribe has already gathered, if our twitter feed is any indication, and a plethora of exclusives and signings will be available. ECCC, as it’s known, has definitely become one of the finest regional cons on the circuit and we expect to hear a lot of news as everyone explains what they did on their winter vacation.