Columbia University acquires the Elfquest archives


As Dave Sim noted the other day, Wendy and Richard Pini, creators of Elfquest, the pioneering indie comics fantasy, held on to all of their artwork. And now they are bequeathing it to Columbia University’s archives. The PR below explains all you need to know, but we should note that Columbia’s tireless librarian and comics-scholar Karen Green has been busy indeed.


Wizard World Portland moves to January in 2014


By all accounts last weekend’s inaugural Wizard World Portland show was a success. Steve Duin has a glowing report:


Tables for Thought Bubble Sell Out in Two Hours


A sign that the UK creative scene are eager both for conventions and the opportunity to queue, exhibitor tables for Leeds Thought Bubble Convention went on sale yesterday at 1pm, and had sold out by 3pm. This follows a very recent trend in the UK for conventions to sell out exhibitor tables at an increasingly […]


Review: Completely Happy!


The concluding issue of Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s Happy! has finally made its way to the shelves, and has seemingly divided critics right down the middle. It’s perhaps no surprise to anyone who has seen my Happy earrings that I loved it, but let’s have a proper look…


Barnes & Noble rethinks Nook strategy


In the wake of disappointing holiday sales, Barnes & Noble is rethinking its Nook strategy, the NY times reports, citing anonymous sources. As physical bookstores have become a beloved, adorable but untenable endangered species, kind of like the panda bear, since 2009 B&N has smartly attempted to move its core business into the digital segment. Their Nook e-reader is widely though of as a competitive (maybe even superior) platform to the Kindle, but recents sales have been down, proving making a cool gadget is no panacea, and maintaining your cool gadget is an ultra competitive field.


IDW and Cartoon Network team up for Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Ben 10, etc.


The people at IDW are no slackards. After taking a look at the sales of their My Little Pony comics — their best selling comics EVER — and the current 90s cartoon nostalgia trend, they’ve pacted with Cartoon Network to bring out a bunch of old favorites—and current hits —in comics form, in a deal announced at last week’s ComicsPRO meeting in Atlanta. Titles include The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo and Generator Rex.


First glimmering of a new Marvel thing called FIRST


Where were YOU when you first saw the teaser image for Marvel FIRST? Begin with the best super heroes in comics–Marvel does it FIRST!! HUGE story coming soon to fans, worldwide. Hm, could this be some kind of digital initiative?  


The Great Oscar 2013 Mystery: Renee Zellweger


Oh yeah speaking of the Oscars, Renee Zellweger — WTF. While the actress often looks like she just chomped into a handful of Sour Skittles, last night her eyes seemed to have collapsed into tiny black holes orbiting Alpha Centauri. And what was with mean Richard Gere trying to get her to read on stage? It was obvious girlfriend did not want to wear reading glasses, and was too shy to say anything about it. Either that or she had found the stash James Franco had hidden at the Dolby Theater a couple of years back.


Meet your new Annie: Quvenzhane Wallis


That sturdy comic strip-to-stage-to-movie warhorse Little Orphan Annie is getting a remake and now a star: Quvenzhane Wallis. he Beast of the Southern Wild star, the youngest ever Best Actress Oscar nominee, will star in a modernized remake of the stage musical. 9-year-old Wallis attended last nights Oscars looking fine, and appropriate and carrying a puppy purse.


The Beat’s Guide to Avoiding the DC SPOILER


Oh no! Spoilers have escaped onto the internet once more, this time for a DC title of some kind! How can you avoid reading these before you pick up the issue they relate to? Why, by following this winningly winning guide to avoiding all the places where it’s being spoiled! I won’t spoil the spoiler […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 2/25/13: Wizard World Hits Portland


§ Graphic Classics is still turning out themed comics anthologies, and their new one is Native American Classics: Graphic Classics Volume 24, for which they hired as many actual Native American creators as possible:


DC Announced Its Latest Character Death in the NY Post (Spoilers)


Once again, the death of a major comic book hero is announced to the world via a newspaper before the book is on sale in the shops.  This time it’s DC that’s making the announcement.  Yes… we live in a world where DC and Marvel seem to have dueling character deaths. details after a bit […]


The Beat’s Annual Guide to Winning the Oscar® Pool: Best Animated Shorts 2013

jones oscar

So, once again, Hollywood confabulates and celebrates the best of motion picture arts and sciences tonight, at the 85th Academy Awards.  Among the many awards will be two showcasing the best in animation: Animated Feature Film and Short Film Animated.  Many people have seen the feature films (or had a chance to…dunno how many actually […]


Poisoned Chalice Part 3: Marvelman Falls


Poisoned Chalice Part 3: Marvelman Falls [Previous chapters: Introduction, 1: Prehistory, 2: Marvelman Rises] The actual work on the Marvelman titles was done by various artists, and Mick Anglo goes into quite a bit of detail about them and their different styles in Nostalgia: Spotlight on the Fifties. The outstanding Marvelman artist amongst all of […]


Final Friday: Anxiety with C.F.


If you’re like us, Friday is time for all the anxiety or the week to give you one last slap in the face; we’re riding it out today with the hypertropic, it all has to happen at once sounds of Spectral Park. For a visual version, here’s Anxiety Art: Face It by C.F. (Powr Mastrs), which manages to put it all in a beautifully colored perspective. Over and OUT.


Matthew Vaughn Now Producing The New Fantastic Four Movie


In a development that’s not wholly unexpected, but certainly welcome, it seems Matthew Vaughn has joined the team for Fox’s rebooting of the Fantastic Four film franchise as producer.  Per Fox’s Marvel guru, Mark Millar: