Monkeybrain Comics coming to print from IDW and Image


In a move that is the opposite of a shock, some of the titles from the digital-first Monkeybrain imprint are coming to print at IDW, starting in June. The line will kick off with founder Chris Roberson’s EDISON REX and continuing with AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD, RED LIGHT PROPERTIES and more.

To Do March 20: “Surely you’re joking, Dr. Wertham!”


Well here’s a must do: a chance to see Carol Tilley, the heroic professor who proved Dr. Fredric Wertham was a fraud, in person with Paul Levitz, David Hajdu, Craig Yoe, Sharon Packer and Danny Fingeroth at a talk celebrating Wertham’s 118th birthday on March 20th.


Must read: Jesse Post’s Kids’ Comics Pep Talk


Speaking of ComicsPRO here’s a link I found in the coverage, a slideshow put together by Papercutz marketin diector Jesse post on the power and potential of kids comics. The slideshow is embedded above but he does a walk through on his blog and although Papercutz-centric material is there, it’s really big on stats and charts and studies. For instance:

Why Seth MacFarlane is not a great satirist


While it was nice to see the first ever RISD grad hosting the Academy Awards, Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar hosting turn was not really a triumph for humor.

TopatoCo launches crowdfunding fulfillment house


I don’t know how long this has been around—and I feel stupid for not knowing—but TopatoCo, the great unifying force of the comic book universe, has started a crowdfunding fulfillment house called Make That Thing. An excerpt from their about page:

Some ComicsPRO and retailing notes


My annual write around on the yearly meeting of the retailing organization ComicsPRO was in PW yesterday, including new president Thomas Gaul’sfirst interview. As usual, reports from the show were all about positivity and productivity and good sales news.

DC Backs Off From WTF Month


In what may be a case of calmer heads prevailing, word is leaking out of the ComicsPro members meeting that DC is taking a step back from their “WTF Certified” promotion.

MoCCA announces Awards of Excellence and all-star jury


Wow, this year’s MoCCA Festival just took a major step up in prestige with the announcement of the MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence, a prize to be awarded to work presented at this year’s show. Picking the prize, a jury of Karen Berger, Gary Groth, Nora Krug, David Mazzucchelli and Paul Pope.

Advance Review: Uncanny Skullkickers #1 tests out The Adjective of Power


Uncanny is such a strange word to use to describe a comic, much less a range of different comics which tend to feature characters who aren’t unexpectedly familiar – they’re the X-Men and Avengers, they’ve been around for decades. Which is why it’s nice to see that the Skullkickers creative team of Jim Zub and […]

Tom Tomorrow wins Herblock prize


Tom Tomorrow, creator of This Modern World, is this year’s Herblock Prize winner. Established in 2004, and nemed for famed editorial cartoonist Herblock, the prize is given for distinguished examples of editorial cartooning that exemplify the courageous standard set by Herblock and is judged by a panel of outside experts. The finalist this year was Jack Ohman, who left his post at The Oregonian last year.

Podcast alert: More To Come


People often ask me “Why don’t you do a podcast?”

I answer “I do.”

Show the love: Third Annual Mini-Comics Day


I’m a HUGE mini-comics fan; I think they encapsulate the potential and diversity of the medium perfectly in the way in which they combine storytelling, art, and innovation with accessibility and a do-it-yourself attitude. Its currently a very good time to be fond of the floppy- the format has been experiencing somewhat of a revival in the past year […]

Hotels still available for this year’s Comic-Con — UPDATE NOPE NOT ANY MORE


That’s right, even if you weren’t on the internet at 12:00:00 pm pst ON THE DOT, there are still excellent hotels available right now. Many are on the shuttle root, many are name brand resorts.

When the internet shuts down: UGO and Posterous

Although everything seems to be forever on the internet, it really isn’t. It’s oh so fragile, and the prime time of your life can be crossed out by one CEO’s pen swipe.

Nice art: Jackie Ormes!


The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Blog has a nice post onJackie Ormes, creator of Torchy and the first African-American woman cartoonist of note. And she did get note in her day:

Animated Achewood may rescue a world mired in gloom


After a long, lonely world without the seminal webcomic Achewood, creator Chris Onstad busted out a big rainbow of hope yesterday with the epic news that he’s been working on an animated series. He even gave us a clip of his efforts, above. And from there, to the big show: