How to read Love and Rockets


Daunted by the idea of jumping into the immense canon of Los Bros Hernandez? You’re missing a world of wrestling, gangs, whispering trees and unexpected heartache. If you’re confused about how to read the books, Jeffrey O. Gustafson of Jim Hanley’s universe has just posted a Definitive Guide to Comics’ Supreme Masterpiece that explains which volume comes where.

Dresden Codak is fastest funded comics project yet


Popular webcomics getting immense Kickstarters is a real dog bites man story, but here it is: Aaron Diaz has a print project for his fantasy webcomics Dresden Codak up and after a day or so it has $189,773 with 27 days to go. The initial goal was a mere $30,000. It’s already the 8th biggest comics Kickstarter of all times, and who knows how big it will get.

Watch! Jesse V. Johnson’s Wonder Woman Fan-Trailer

We all want Wonder Woman to be in a movie. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say we want her to be in EVERY film. And every TV show. Maybe a few music videos. But for one reason or another, we’re repeatedly disappointed by a world which does not seem […]