Everyone’s a little puzzled by the strange choice of number on this issue, somewhere between a #0 traditional origin story and a #1 launch of what’s rumored to be a major contributor to the Marvel Universe this year and beyond in the lead up to the 2014 film release of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. If […]

Dynamite Announces Emerald City Con Schedule

Shadow Year One #1 ECCC Wagner

Emerald City Comicon kicks off tomorrow in Seattle.  If you happen to be out that way, Dynamite has announced it’s convention schedule.  If you haven’t noticed, Dynamite’s been adding more “name” creators lately, with another one set to be unveiled… well, there’s a 2pm signing Friday, so the creator pretty much has to be there, […]

Carousel brings comics and their creators to the stage


About four times a year, noted cartoonist Robert Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics) hosts Carousel: Cartoon Slide Shows and Other Projected Pictures. This is an event where artists and writers present their comics though a slide show while vocalizing the dialogue and narrative, sometimes incorporating music and sound design. For those in attendance, the resulting experience comes closer to watching a play than a movie or an animation. Sikoryak describes it as “a cross-pollination of theater and comics.”

Preview: Hair Shirt By Patrick McEown

Hairshirt_CVR_978-1-906838-27-0 (1)

Perhaps taking a note from recent Anglouleme-winner Glyn Dillon’s triumphant return to comics with THE NAO OF BROWN, Abrams ComicArts and SelfMadeHero are releasing a new graphic novel from another accoladed artist, Patrick McEown, who previously worked on such popular series as GRENDEL: WAR CHILD as well as collaborating with Mike Mignola. With HAIR SHIRT, […]