Clayton Crain Joins Valiant’s Harbinger Wars


Valiant are pushing to the next stage of superhero this year, taking their five comics (all of which seem to have been very well reviewed so far, beating statistical probability to a pulp) and experimenting with crossovers and events. The first title they relaunched in 2012, X-O Manowar, is entering an event storyline called Planet […]

Review: Down at the Pub with HELLBLAZER #300


Opening remarks are a prerequisite to talking about the final Vertigo issue of the imprint’s longest running series, the only from Vertigo’s original armada to last nearly so long, and a series which, totaling its original DC imprint and Vertigo lifespan, has lasted for 25 years. The series’ past and future are apt to be […]

Vertigo Announce Two New ‘Fables’ Books, and an Unwritten Graphic Novel


Should that have been a semicolon instead of a comma in the title? Oh boy, the things I worry about when writing up Mike Carey news. Today! Vertigo have announced a bathful of new books, with an encyclopedia and anthology for Bill Willingham’s Fables coming later this year, followed by a full original graphic novel from the creative […]

Pak and Lee on New “Batman/Superman” Title


This comic was a no-brainer and rumored for some time, but DC has finally announced their new Batman/Superman comic, titled Batman/Superman.  (World’s Finest is now Worlds’ Finest with Huntress and Power Girl and moving the apostrophe would probably cause mass confusion, so we back to a more literal title for the book.)  The real surprise here is the creative […]

Nice Art: Jack Kirby’s art for ARGO


Although towards the end of his life, Jack Kirby did some work in animation, he never really got to sink his pencil into doing concept art for film or stage. Current best picture nominee Argo is based on a real story, and there was actually a movie planned to be made based on for Lord of Light, an adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s novel. And Jack Kirby did some concept art for the project. Int he film Argo this is portrayed as new art commissioned for the phony movie, but Kirby’s art was extant before the plot to save the hostages. Although bits of it have been floating around for a while, Buzzfeed has the big files.

Preview: Julio’s Day By Gilbert Hernandez

8433373915_e883d9b275_o (1)

  A remarkable fusing of underground and mainstream comic tradition, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s Love & Rockets still remains as noteworthy and distinctive since its launch more than 30 years ago. The numerous extended stories enveloped in the series, often presented in a drastic rendition of narrative elision,  allowed for such a diverse breadth of […]

Kibbles ‘n’ chunks 2/21/13 – comics are coming to India, Berlin and Long Island!


Today an EXTRA LONG installment of Kibbles ‘n’ Bits that literally spans the world of comics and art. There is something for EVERYONE here — please join us on our journey of clicks.

§ Spotlight on comics in India! The third Indian Comic-Con wrapped up a few weeks ago, and left a brand new comics industry in its wake!